Friday, January 26, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the January 26th Edition

So here is are frugal things we did last week.........

*  On Wednesday I hit up Weis and did the Mix and Match Buy 6 Items/Get $3 off Instantly Deal.....

4 x MM OJ on sale($2.49)=$9.96
1 x Salad kit on sale=$3.49
1 x Ben and Jerry's ice cream slices on sale=$3.99

I used 4 x .55¢/1 MM OJ Qs which doubled fully to $1.10=$4.40 and got $3 off this lot---$17.44-$7.40=$10.04 for all 6 items.
Then I received a cash rebate on Ibotta for $1.75 back on the ice cream so $8.29 OOP for all.

I also bought this.........

Furmano's and Hunts tomato products as well as Bumble Bee chicken were .77¢ each if you bought in lots of 7 items.
7 x .77¢=$5.39 and I used 2 x $1/3 Furmano's IPQs so $3.39 for all the items on the left in the photo.
Contadina tomato products were $1 each last week(reg. $2 each).  I printed out 8 .50¢/1 IPQs from 4 different computers here.  These Qs doubled to $1 off each so all 8 cans of tomatoes were FREE!
Everything in this photo cost me $3.39 or .23¢ per item.  9-)

*  Besides the $1.75 cash rebate for the ice cream I bought this week I also earned $1.25 rebate on this........
A Zero artificial sweeteners Light & Fit Greek yogurt cup.  They were on sale for $1 each plus I had a .50¢ IPQ that doubled to $1 so I paid Zero for it and then I got $1.25 cash back for "buying" it.  lolz

*  I went to the PO last Saturday and bought 100 stamps before they went up in price again.

This lot should see us through another year or two of mailing letters.  It's only a penny savings per stamp but every penny counts, right? ;-)

*  I blogged about what I got at Rite-Aid(so far)this week already.........

 The Kleenex purchase also earned me another $13.98 toward the $20 Allergy Reward spending($75 in spending needed to earn that reward).

In addition to all this I also got 2 cases of water and two more Scott tp packs.  I've spent down my Plenti Points(plus converted $20+ of them to cash), spent a $20 Bonus Cash.  I have $15 in Catalinas and a $20 Bonus Cash left on this Wellness card.

*  I took my free $10 Birthday voucher up to Kohl's and got this........

A Springweight nightgown in lavender.
It was a discontinued style and on sale for $16.00.

I also had a 30% off coupon so ended up paying $4.20.
The best news is it's a size smaller than I use to wear. 8-)))

So that's about it for me.
What did you do that was frugal this past week?



  1. I love reading about your frugal buys. Not sure I understand the Rite Aid plenty points.

  2. Very cool. Nothing to share, but at least iur house can't be repossessed.

  3. goodness you get some great deals! I am amazed at how you keep track of it all!
    My frugal win this week was 19 bananas for $2.97 so its a cooking day coming up.

  4. Impressive!! In a pinch we bought the cheap cheap toilet paper and it was about 1/8th ply. So I stopped at Sam's Club on Sunday for our favorite Member's Mark tp and they were out... So I happened to be in town again and they were still out... The fraction ply tp is really getting old...

  5. Free tomato products are great! No frugal deals his week.

  6. Since you sew well enough to make blouses you wear, why do you not make nightgowns?

  7. Love the deals. Very pretty nightie, but I am a sucker for purple!

  8. Wow ~ you sure put me to shame with your couponing and frugal savings. Very impressive. And I love the nightie. Teddie

  9. I love the nightgown. Free tomatoes are awesome! Great savings and I agree about the pennies saved on the stamps. :)

  10. Very pretty nightgown - love that colour. Ya did great this week, as always :)

  11. Good Morning Sluggy - not so much on the grocery side, but I did get quite a bit in Ibotta rebates last weekend. But my one good deal is a nightstand lamp. The one I had finally died. I found one on Amazon for 12.99. I had about 5.61 in credits via my Amazon Prime card and a 3.59 balance on an Amazon gift card. So after taxes, 3.79 OOP. I also opted for standard free delivery and got a $5 credit for Amazon Prime Now (which they deliver either same day or next day). Not too bad. Today I am on the hunt for a iPhone cord charger. The one I had for my car died.


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