Friday, January 19, 2018

Frugal Friday.......the January 19th Edition

Since I didn't leave the house much last week there isn't much to report in on, out of the ordinary(cooking meals, free entertainment at home, etc.)but here goes anyway.........

*  I finally went to Weis on Wednesday and got a couple of grocery store deals.......

Weis now doubles all coupons up to .99¢(so anything .99¢ or less doubles fully).  I got 8 cans of Campbell's soup, on sale for $1 a can.  I used 2 x .80¢/4 Qs(which doubled fully to $1.60 off each).
8 x $1=$8.00-$3.20 in Qs=$4.80 for all or .60¢ a can.
Of course I had a problem with the cashier(she usually works in the pharmacy and doesn't now how to deal with coupons when they don't scan, so we had to get a manager involved so I got my full value on those Qs). lolz

The other good deal was San Giorgio pasta was on sale $1 a box.  I paired 2 x $1/3 Qs and got 6 boxes of assorted pasta for .67¢ each.

* I did the Mix and Match/Buy 6 Items, Get $3 off Instantly Deal once, buying 2 bottles of dish soap, 2 bags of frozen veggies and 2 packs of Klondike bars(we were out of ice cream).  On sale that all came to $12.94.  The $3 didn't come off so I had to go to CS and get $3 cash.  Then I got $1.25 back from Ibotta for these 6 items so $12.94-$4.25=$8.69 OOP or $1.45 each.

*  But the best deal I got this week was this...........

Leftover bags of Xmas Lindt Truffles at Weis(PMITA)Markets.  Reg. price of $6.59 each.  The sign in the bin said $3.09 each.  I had printed off $1/1 Lindt truffles bags coupons from Coupons dotcom(NLA)and had them with me.
I got two and figured $2.09 per bag of 20 truffles was a decent price for something I could tuck into a giveaway box or two.
The cashier rang them up and $6.09 came off, making them .50¢ a bag OOP!!!
I rang back and got the other 6 bags in the bin.
$6.59 x 8=$52.72-$48.72=$4.00-$2 in Qs=$2.00 for all 8 bags or .25¢ per bag.

* I dug 2 old whole chicken breasts out of the chest freezer this week.  After sauteing them up I diced up the meat and split the resulting amount for two meals.  I also found an old bag of mixed frozen veggies in the freezer as well as a 2 pack of store bought leftover pie shells, both of which needed to be used asap.

I used 1 of the pie shells, the frozen veggies and the diced chicken(along with 2 cans of chicken soup, an onion, some spices and a hand rolled second pie crust to make a big chicken pot pie.  There was a serving of veggie/soup/spices/chicken filling leftover but into the fridge that Hubs will most likely have over rice for a lunch this weekend.

The other pie crust was used to bake a sweet potato/pumpkin pie, using extra filling mix from Thanksgiving that I had put into the freezer, as the recipe I had used made more filling than usual because I added in canned sweet potatoes that I wanted to use up.
I was going to make College Boy this pie at Christmas but we had so many other treat foods I decided to wait.  An extra pie during the Winter doldrums is a pleasant surprise, right?  ;-)

* On Thursday Hubs and I went to have my Free birthday burger at Red Robin.

I had an old Red Robin gift card to use for Hubs meal.  Between the burger and the steak fries it was enough food for me and I had water to drink so no charge for that either.  I couldn't believe how much the price of the burger I usually get there has gone up!  It was over $11.  I remember when this area got a RR and that burger was under $8.
Hubs decided to get a large expensive beer with his burger. Hmmmm  I am such a frugal hard-ass that I made him pay me $5 out of his WAM to reimburse me partially for that beer as I didn't want to spend more than 1/4 of my gift card on a beer and it wasn't HIS birthday after all! lolz  Unless we are specifically going out to drink alcohol I don't "spring" for drinks.  Buying liquor at a restaurant is so pricey and goes against my grain, ya know? ;-)

*  Tonight's dinner is that free ham I got at Christmas time from Weis(PMITA)Markets.

I'm going to put it into the slow cooker before I go out to Weis for a few groceries.  This 10 lbs. of ham will give us more than one dinner.  Sliced again into ham steaks for meal #2, diced into quiche meal #3, into omelettes meal #4, etc.  The bone will go into soup eventually too.
I don't buy/serve ham often(maybe twice a year since the sodium content is so high)but every now and again it's on the menu.  That being said, if I spy a leftover ham shank on clearance this time of year I'll pick it up for cheap and throw it into the freezer.  8-)))

That's about all this week at Chez Sluggy.
What frugal things have happened at your house lately?



  1. Wow, what an incredible deal on the chocolate!!

  2. I laughed so hard at your making him give you $5 for his beer. You definitely have frugal under control. That was an amazing Lindt deal. I have two coupons for Lindt bags, but I doubt I will find a deal like that.

  3. Been a very frugal month here, and will continue for some time, yet to be determined as I amass funds for an E fund, to pay off remodeling debt, to have available for Summer projects. Mended a pair of jeans that one DS tore behind the calf. Sent a shoutout to family to see if anyone can sacrifice a pair of old jeans-nope, so I dug into my stash and came up with some dark navy, cotton duck that did the trick. Bought 10 more ADA bus passes for same DS-price is going up next month, so while 4 week's worth or 4, 10 punch cards were sold to me at the current rate, the remaining 6 were at the new, higher rate, which I didn't care for-as I told the clerk, if stamps were going up and I bought extra, I wouldn't be charged the new price. Sigh. Picked up some crash n burn items, a few needed and wanted items at the grocer, including some new vegan items from Aldi's, dish soap at Dollar tree. Mailed a set of curtains in the wrong color back by using an emailed, prepaid mailer label, dropping it off at a Staples where they have a Fed X drop box. Picked up a new make up blending sponge on behalf of DD, who will reimburse me, and applied a 32% off coupon towards it for her. Didn't eat while out, came home to reheat some leftover chilli. Doctored up, leftover rigatoni is on deck for 2 of us tonight, DD will be out for the night with her BF. Stopped at the library to print out some important paper work, including a rebate for $9.99. DR appointment this week, went over recent labs, and there is now talk of adding yet another RX to the mix, double sigh. He doubled one RX I take, and I do repeat labs in 4 months before seeing him. I recently ordered my lower dose RX at zero OOP as it was the end of the plan year so I will use what I have, just within 45 days instead of 90 Currently, I have been using the higher dose pills, cut in half (previous taking it once a day, then he reduced the strength in half and has had me taking it twice a day now will be back up to the higher amount and also twice a day) so I have some of the higher strength pills also on hand. I may* be able to squeek by until mid April, based on my projections of when my yearly deductible is maxed out, making this pricey generic free. Worse case scenario, I pay 30%.

  4. Too funny.... I made chicken pie and pumpkin pie this week from freezer. I am also taking a ham out today. Are we connected? Happy birthday AGAIN!

  5. Happy birthday

    Would love to win the chocolate in your giveaway

    Gerry T

  6. I have a great image in my head of your hubs woefully digging out a fiver and handing it over! You made me laugh. My hubs did a rogue ship, now I have to figure out the meal planning but I vow I will make my $350 challenge.

  7. I made an egg bake with some left over veggies. Also, some chicken vegetable soup with rest of the vegetables and chicken from the week before. Between these two dishes, dinner and lunch. Had some bananas that were going bad, so I cut them up in chunks and froze them to make smoothies. I had made chili mid-week and will be using that for lunches next week. I have some left over chicken, and will be making some chicken fried rice for dinner for next week. Found some coffee that was on clearance. I got a deal on yogurt and fresh berries and going to make my own yogurt parfait for lunches this week. Looking up recipes for next month to do meatless meals.


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