Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This Week's 4 Day Sale at Rite-Aid

There is a 4 Day Sale Ad(that starts Wednesday)besides the regular weekly Ad this week at Rite-Aid.
Though nothing is free after Plenti Points earned, pair some coupons with sale prices and Plenti points earned back and some of the stuff will be free or very cheap.
Wait until Saturday when the 30% regular price "Friends & Family" event kicks in and some of these items might be cheaper than the sale price.  I don't know for sure as I haven't checked yet.

Here are the good deals I saw............

* Huggies baby wipes are $1.99 and give back $1 in PPs.  Pair this with various .50¢/1 or 2/$1 wipes Qs and they are .49¢ after sale/Qs/PPs.

* Edge and Skintimate shave gel is $2.99 on sale and give back $2 in PPs so .99¢ after sale price/PPs.

* Carmex lip products are 2/$3 on sale and give back $2 in PPs for every 2 you buy, so $1 for 2 items.

* CeraVe cleanser and lotion are on sale $7.99 and give back $2 in PPs.  Pair this with a $5/1 ManuQ in the inserts a couple of weeks ago and you pay .99¢ per bottle after sale price/Q/PPs.

* Tummy Zen and Hydralyte products are on sale $5.99 and give back $5 in Plenti Points so .99¢ each.  These are part of the same Deal so a combination of 2 total for that price.  There is a Hydralyte Q for $2/1 online  HERE so if you get 2 of those products and pair the Q with the sale price and PPs earned back it's a $2.02 moneymaker(before sales tax).

* Almay may be cheap if the "Complete Look" and "Age Essentials" items are included in the $5.99 sale price.  There are $10 off 2 Load2Card Qs for these particular Almay items and buying 2 at a time gets you $2 back in Plenti Points, so if they are included, that's .02¢ moneymaker or almost free after sales tax cosmetics.

* Reese's and KitKat candy singles are 3 for $2 and generate $1 back in PPs for every 3 you buy, making 3 bars $1 total OOP after PPs.  That's some cheap stocking candy stuffers. ;-)

* Single cans of Red Bull are 2 for $4 and generate $2 in PPs for every 2 cans you buy so $1 per can after sale/PPs if this is something you can use.

If anybody sees any other good deals in this 4 Day Sale ad give us a holler!



  1. Thanks so much for posting the great offers. Savingstar has 2 Hyralyte offers ($2 Oral Electrolyte and $3 Effervescent Tablets). If both items are included, it will be an extra $5 MM.

    1. I wish I had those offers but I don't. Thanks for mentioning though Pubbler as some one else might be able to take advantage of them.

  2. 25c and 50c Carmex Ibotta offers. Depends on which items are included in sale. Limit of 3, per offer.

    1. Thanks for the Carmex heads up on Ibotta. I've loaded them to my account so let's hope they are part of this sale.

  3. Some very good deals there, Sluggy. :)

  4. Just gotta ask...do you ever by any chance shop at Walgreens?


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