Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving & The "Fun" Week Ahead

Another Thanksgiving is done and in the books as they say.

I arose at the ass crack of dawn to shove the bird into the oven. 

Then it was off to Rite-Aid for all this......and I got Plenti Points back and more for it so free!

Then back home to punch down the dough and forms the rolls to proof, switch on the crock pots of stuffing and rutabaga, bake the potatoes for mashed taters, get the carrots ready and put together the green bean casserole.  I was going to nuke green beans and add almonds but College Boy was practically in tears at the thought of no GB what the hell!

The company arrived and we ate.
We watched some parade in the morning and then some dog show between dinner and pie......and then the company went home.

The only photo I managed to squeeze off was this one......since somebody was a tad busy cooking. ;-)

This was after dinner and pie time.  My tipsy daughter on the den floor letting Chester chew on her.  The dog got a hold of her hair at one point and then it wasn't so fun, was it? lolz

I didn't even get a group shot so here's last year's Thanksgiving photo.  Just put your thumb over Daughter's BF's face as he wasn't here this year.  Other than that it's the same crew and table(though College Boy's beard is more into the ZZ Top territory now).

Black Friday was cleaning the house mostly, dragging down tubs of Christmas stuff and eating leftovers.  I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Rite-Aid for more freebies and some gift cards.
Plus I picked up these to go toward a food bank donation.............

The Rite-Aid brand of toothbrushes were Buy 1/Get 2 Free so $1 for each set of 3 toothbrushes or .33¢ each.  I used $2 in Plenti Points to pay.
I hope to get a few more things together and have a good sized donation to take up before Christmas gets here.

Saturday Hubs took College Boy back to school......

He came home with a raging sinus infection and cold.  He spent the whole 5 days snorting and hacking up stuff.  By Saturday he was sounding less on death's door and we were 5 rolls of tp and 3 boxes of facial tissue lighter.  ;-)

Today I had to run Hubs up to U-Haul so he could pick up a cargo van and you know there is a story behind that, don't ya?

This coming week Hubs is driving out to IL to load his sister and her stuff into said van and driving her across country to SC so she can live with their oldest brother.
Said sister has made a series of bad decisions in her life(not living within her means ever, a car repo, an ill-considered marriage to a alcoholic felon a few years back, a bankruptcy, a divorce from said felon, quitting a good job, another car repo)and now is one step away from being homeless and destitute.  I feel bad for her and her situation but we saw it coming down the pike years ago.  I am not happy that we are having to shell out thousands of $$s to "rescue" her but Hubs feels he should do this as none of his other siblings are in a position to(either financially or physically or both).
I hope things turn around for her(but as she continues to not make the best decisions it's doubtful). 
We are shelling out for the van rental, the gas, the 2,200 in mileage, meals, hotels, tolls and the wear and tear on Hubs and his time.

While the money will put a crimp in our stash, we can spare it.....but this is IT from here on out.
We have enough on our plates and our own family to prop up.  Grown ass adults need to take care of themselves and not expect others to bail them out of their messes especially when they didn't lift a finger to help Hubs take care of their mother the last 7 years of her life when she suffered from Alzheimer's. 
Sorry if I sound pissy about all this, but at the moment, I am. ;-)

So I get to hold down the fort here for this week and take care of all the normal stuff.  I am looking forward to the quiet of having the house to myself while Daughter is in classes, except I have a energetic puppy to potty train by myself, chores, errands and appointments.  And I really need to get more stuff up on eBay before it's too late. ugh.

We all have our crosses to bear, don't we?

The day after Hubs returns we get to drive to see College Boy's senior recital, which will be nice even if it means more driving.  Two weeks after that we rent another cargo van and move College Boy home from school. 
I will be glad when the first half of December is over and we are all home with no expectations put upon us by others.

I don't know how much time I'll have to blog in the coming days so if I am MIA it's just that I'm super busy with life right now.
I am warm, well fed, solvent and trying to stay positive. 8-)



  1. As the sister of a brother much like you sister in law---I appreciate what you are doing. It is "easier" to let them go, but they are family and we love them. Hopefully the move will help with her adjustment to reality.

  2. "I am warm, well fed, solvent and trying to stay positive."

    That's what's important. All the other stuff is temporary. Sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving too.

  3. I’d be pissy, too! Hopefully, this too shall pass and you’ll be able to relax over the holidays.
    Nice haul, by the way. I still have rite aid envy!

  4. Extended family, some are judegemental assholes, and others are forever in chaos and crisis assholes. It would be great to just interact with those like us, sane, normal, and doing the best withthe hands we were dealt. Good luck with that puppy.

  5. Is this sister whose wedding you two attended just a few years ago? Life is hard enough without being married to an alcoholic! I wonder if she will be eating high dollar meals on the road with no thought for costs. Is all her stuff worth the cost of hauling it?

    Does your son get through these bouts without a doctor? I know you sent him away with OTCs.

    That is a lot of driving you two have ahead of you. It will be sort of like a second vacation this year...jk

  6. Your hubby is one of the good guys. I hope things work out for his sister. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family. Give Chester some scratchin's for me.

  7. I feel your pain Sluggy. We live a frugal life by choice, but bailing out his kids who have the latest gadget but no groceries. It gets old.

  8. This is why I love your Hubby. He is so sweet. Ha! He wears beautiful hats.... So about the sister-in-law. I have many relatives like that.Heck I might be the relative like that.

  9. I understand the pissiness, but I also understand D's need to do what he can right now. It is easier after all is said and done to know you tried to help rather than to live with the regret of doing nothing. But it is also easy for me to say since I have low drama relatives.


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