Friday, November 24, 2017

Frugal Friday......the November 24th Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had this past week.

* Hubs wanted to go out to lunch earlier this week when we had to go run errands so we went to the newish Chinese buffet at the mall but I used a coupon so it wasn't as expensive as it might have been.

* I sold some more items on eBay, netting another $15.44 after fees.  I sold a pair of tubes of shampoo and conditioner I got at Rite-Aid for Plenti Points so some free money after fees.  Who knew someone would pay $18 + shipping for 2 tubes of shampoo/conditioner?

* Since I got to 50 points at Weis I got a free turkey for Thanksgiving.  The closest to 20 lb. turkey I could find was 21.16 lbs.  I had to pay for the 1.16 lbs. over 20 lbs., so it cost me $1.17.  I send for a .25¢ rebate on Checkout51 so my turkey was .92¢ when all is said and done.

* I also did a Catalina Deal at Weis this week a few times by buying 2 cartons of stock/broth, 4 cans of Campbell's cream soup and a bag of Pepperidge Farms stuffing cubes for $10.08 total.  I used $2 in Qs each time and received an instant $2 off for spending $10 on select items so each set of 7 items cost me $6.08 OOP.

* Of course I hit Rite-Aid for all the Black Friday freebies..........

This is the plunder I brought home using three different Wellness/Plenti cards/accounts.  I didn't max out the Max Freeze, the earbuds or the Planters nut packs.  I used coupons that I could gather on toothpaste/tooth brushes/max freeze/nuts/dental floss. Buying 4 candy bars on one card made a Catalina for $1/wyb6 bars print out, so I got 6 bars the last round instead of 4 as the Catalina also made all 6 free after sale/Cat/PPs.  I also had a $5/wyspend $50 Cat that spit out earlier in the week when I bought some rxs so I did better than free on one order using that CatQ.  The Nuts weren't free put with the $5 Cat and the other Qs I used, even with having to pay tax I came out $8+ under free=$8.74 moneymaker for all.
Total Plenti Points used....$179.26
Total Plenti Points earned back....$188.00

*Had to amend this as I just received a $2 cash rebate on one of the light bulb purchases(had to be an LED bulb)in my Ibotta account. I can now cash out that account next month as I have over $20 in there. ;-)

I'll go back today for some water cases, tp and paper towels(not free but I'll use PPs to pay)plus some gift card deals.  I pay full price for the gift cards-using monies from other categories(eating out/home maintenance/etc.) but generate Plenti Points on the Wellness cards/accounts,  which I can use to cover items I buy at Rite-Aid.

* I don't otherwise "do" Black Friday, as in brave the hoard of shoppers in the stores.  I'll be picking up a few items from my computer today-Monday and I am done Holiday shopping.  I do need to go to the PO today to mail the giveaway box and buy stamps but otherwise I'll be cleaning up Thanksgiving doings and dragging out Christmas paraphernalia.

If you "do" Black Friday, feel free to tell us all about what you got!



  1. So far I've avoided black Friday like I've avoided the Black plague. I might stop at the CVS as there are some basics on sale I need and I have $5 off $25. Not Sluggyiness, but baby steps.

  2. I totally missed the Planters deal. Thanks for sharing. I forgot to grab the tape too. I need to go back and buy those. I stopped at CVS too. Their BF deals weren't as good as previous years, but I had a 10/40 which made my transaction a MM for me.

    1. Be sure and grab the $1/2 Planters coupon before you go get the Planters deal on coupons dotcom.

    2. Thanks so much! You've inspired me to get back to drugstore couponing again. I used to be a big couponer, until that stupid TLC show ruined things for us couponers.

  3. Good for you. I was stocking my plenti points and someone use them. I think maybe my sissie! I would love to go get some of the black Friday deals, but my stocking are done and I don't need to buy more, I want to but not in the budget.

  4. What great deals you got this week, Sluggy. You really use your Plenti card to your advantage. That's great. :)

  5. I love Black Friday! Its all about what kind of attitude you bring with you. I have met nicer people BF shopping than when getting groceries on a Sunday. That is an angry crowd. Lol. Got some goodies, had some girls time out and got to meet my daughter's yearbook advisor who was super sweet! Tried to go to the Zoo today as it was free to get in but it was literally a zoo, so we skipped it. Went into the big city and enjoyed free parking and a free trolley ride and took in all the sights and sounds. This is definitely my favorite time of year!

  6. I bought one item yesterday but I did it on line.

  7. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I went to Michaels on Thanksgiving evening and spent $11 on a few stocking stuffers for our granddaughter. I also got some of the 80 count cards and envelopes for $5. DD and I went to the nearby outlets on Fri. She got some good deals at the Under Armour store and I got raincoats for myself and her at the Columbia outlet for 40% off. I needed a new one since I have lost weight and this should last awhile. I didn't go to CVS this year like I usually do b/c we are pretty stocked up.


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