Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Best Deals Last Week at Weis(PMITA)Markets

Last Friday during the Fantastic Friday Deals I bought two ready made pizzas at the Deli counter at Weis.  They make a pretty good cheese pizza and on Fridays they are reduced to $6 for a 16" pie.
I took Hubs with me so we each bought 1 pizza so I could use two $1 off Weis Booklet Qs so our pies were $5 each after sale and Q.
When we got them home I defrosted some pepperoni and threw it onto the pies and warmed them in the oven quickly.
It was a LOT of pizza as we still had some left on Tuesday(even with various folks eating on it over the weekend).

Remember this Q I got in the mail a few weeks back?

For a free bottle of Nestea.
It was also good for $1.79 off a multi-pack of Nestea.
This is how I used it last Friday, on a multi-pack as my grocery store didn't have single bottles available for purchase.

I had gotten on one of my trips to Weis a Catalina for $1.25/1 multi-pack of this product.
Nestea packs were on sale this past week for $2 each so I bought two packs for $4, used my $1.79 and $1.25 Qs and paid .96¢ OOP for both packs or .48¢ per 6-pack.
We haven't tried this tea yet but will let y'all know what we think of it once we have.

That's about all the noteworthy buys lately.
Pretty pitiful......


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