Friday, June 16, 2017

Frugal Friday.....the June 16th Edition

* Back in late April I bought Right Guard dry spray deodorant on a BOGO offer at Rite-Aid(and used a Q)and sent a mail-in rebate for 1 of the bottle to "Try It Free".

The original post is HERE.
The TMF Offer said they'd deduct the price of any coupon used so I was unsure if I'd get back $7.29, $5.46, $3.64, $3.79, $1.96 or .14¢.
Turns out I got the full $7.29 back..........

So that trip, instead of "spending down" $3.59 in Plenti Points becomes a $3.70 "moneymaker".  I got paid $3.70 to buy all the stuff in that transaction.  8-)

* We like to buy nice/pricey bagels from Panera Bread now and again so I cashed in some c/c points and sent away for this awhile ago and it arrived this week.........

$50 Panera Bread gift card.  This will pay for 7 orders of a Baker's Dozen bagels on Tuesdays(when the dozen bagels are discounted and the only day I will buy them there). 8-)

* I was sent a 15% off any shopping order at Ollies(Good Stuff Cheap!)that was expiring this weekend so I took a trip down the mountain to our local store.  I had found a fabric shower curtain there a few months back for our master bathroom that we had redone last February that I really, really liked and though went well with the color scheme in that room.  We still don't have any kind of curtain on the window in there so I picked up another of the same shower curtain and will turn it into a window curtain. ;-)

I also picked up some other goodies at Ollies--a replacement "good" non-stick pan(which will be used in the Fall once College Boy goes back to school and isn't here ruining my cooking pans), some air fresheners for .58¢ each after 15% off discount, a pantry staples of minced garlic, and some Xmas gifts for cheap(which I can't show or talk about here).
Plus 8 bottles of Dawn dish soap.....

Ollies had the orginal plus a pomegranate scent variety for .89¢ which was .75¢ after my discount so worth stocking up.  I don't mind using that Dollar store variety but I do think Dawn is better(you can use less as it's more concentrated).

* No Take-out this past week, we've been eating home cooked meals as per usual.

* I have begun to pick up items for the kids to cook when we are on our Summer road trip, and incorporating the cost of those into my food budget for the next 4 weeks(4 WEEKS and we are leaving!?! Yikes!)

I found these St. Louis pork ribs with $3 and $2 instant discount stickers on them.  3.83 lbs. of ribs for $1.63 per lb. after sale and sticker.  The kids love ribs and they can either smoke these or just cook them through in the oven or crock pot so easy peasy.

That's about all I got this week besides the usual stuff I do around here that is frugal.

What Frugal Wins did you have this week?



  1. Oh, I love getting those bagels on Tuesdays with my Panera gift cards that I bought on the Top's deal last Fall. I have $173.83 left on those cards so I think I can get the bagels every time we need them through the end of the yar with lots leftover.

    I love your deal on the ribs.

    1. That's a lot of Panera gift cards! I don't think I'd trust myself with that much in script for there. lolz

  2. Again I am amazed at your savings. I am about to run to Ollie's. My Beloved Sister has a birthday next week and I thought I would try and find her some cheap stuff to pad her gift.

    1. I love Ollie' may be my favorite store to poke around in because you never know what you'll find! Have fun.

  3. Sadly no Panera near us, nut then, makes it easier for me to avoid bread, and the honey walnut cream cheese. I got hubs looking forward to meeting you. He; hoping U can learn from the best and he'll retire at 59 as well.

    1. Just wait.....we'll give him an ear full. lolz

  4. Looks like you had a good and frugal week. I had no idea Panera had the baker's dozen deal on Tuesdays. I will have to check that out. :)

    1. I don't know if they do that deal at all Panera's so let me know if they have it there too.

  5. Great buy on the dish liquid. I use the dawn as I hate using a whole bottle of the cheaper stuff to get a lather.


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