Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Eating Out Spending.....May Update

Considering I was on a 2 week trip in May, we didn't do too badly with the Eating Out/Take-Out spending in May.
I have updated the Spending Totals for 2017 on the Eating Out Page located HERE.

Regular Eating Out/Take-Out  $84.79
* This constituted a trip to Taco Bell for Hubs and I(using what was left on a gift card + $8.37 in cash), a trip to the nice Chinese Buffet for lunch(Daughter & I)for $17.45 and the family got Whopper meals at BK while I was gone one night for $20.86 total and Hubs got Chinese the night I got home from my trip for $38.11.

Birthday Eating Out  $0
* No birthday's this month and I was not here for Mother's Day so there was no spending in this category this month.

Trip Eating Out  $99.54
* Seeing as it was a 2 week trip I didn't spend very much really.  The trip down I spent $2.32 at Mickey D's for breakfast and $10.47 at Arby's in MD for lunch.
While in VA I got myself a Chick fil-A meal for $7.75 one day, took a friend out to lunch at Applebee's for $17.79 and took my eldest son and fiancee out for dinner one night for $61.21.
At Eldest son's I used Texas Roadhouse gift cards(bought last year)to pay for a meal out for us and Eldest paid anything over that, and Eldest took me out to lunch one day.  I only ate half the sandwich so had the other half for breakfast before I left to come home.  The trip home I didn't stop to eat anywhere and ate when I got home.

TOTAL Spent......$184.33

Year-To-Date Spending....$642.70
Average of $128.54 per month

Looking ahead to June--
This month should be fairly low as we aren't going anywhere.
Maybe 1 or 2 nights of Take-Out this month but otherwise no plans.

Once July hits and A-Hubs is retired and home 24/7, B-We leave on the Mega Road Trip of 2017™, all bets are off. lolz

How much did you spend on Eating Out/Take-Out last month?



  1. I am impressed! We have been doing the take out thing a lot these past two months. It really needs to stop, but I am not sure it is going to.

  2. Eating out creeps into our weekend budget and hubs lunches. It adds up so quickly


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