Thursday, June 29, 2017

Weis Trip on Wednesday

After getting freebies at Rite-Aid I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets.
Since I'd already spent $105.82 total at Maine Source and Price Chopper this week I didn't need to pick up much at Weis this week.
Of course there were Meat Discount Stickers so I got more than I was planning.

The planned was the feta cheese, the cuke, the bag of salad greens and the loaf of bread in this photo.
Also planned were 2 x 8 packs of G2 Gatorade(not pictured but bought).

These were the unplanned purchases--2 packs of marinated ribs, 1 pack of boneless pork chops, 2 packs of small steaks and 1 pack of stewing beef.

$42.85 worth of meats for $18.79 after sales and instant discount stickers.
That's a 56.15% savings over regular retail just on the meat!
The ribs will probably make an appearance for July 4th cook-out, the stewing beef will go into my chili, the pork chops will be panko-ed and eaten as pork tenderloin sammiches and the small steak cuts will get cut up further and marinated for kebabs on the grill.

And if you notice that bag of salad in the first photo it has a 50% off produce sticker on it but the cashier missed it........

So instead of getting it for 1/2 off at $1.49, got it for free after pointing the error out to Customer Service and they gave me $3 cash making my salad free + earning me $1.50
This brought my total OOP spending to $32.93 for $68.88 worth of reg. retail items or a savings rate of 52.19%.

Anytime I can save 52.19% on food is a good day.  8-))



  1. I get all my meat this way, it is just as good and sometimes better.

    1. I'd say it's better since it's less expensive! lolz

  2. My shopping cart is right alongside yours, doing the same!

  3. I never pay full price for meat. Why should I when something is on sale or marked down?


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