Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Rite-Aid Run

I bopped up to Rite-Aid for some Rxs and also put together a non-Rx transaction.
The card had a "Spend $30/Get $5 back in Plenti Points" on it.

3 x Suave 'Poo $3 ea. on sale=$9
2 x Garnier Whole Blend 'Poo on sale=$7.00
2 x Right Guard Dry Spray Deo BOGO50%=$10.93
2 x SalonPas Pain Patch BOGO=$2.59
2 x Swedish Fish bags on sale=$3.00
1 x Sweet Stripes mints (rain check)=.99¢

Coupons Used
1 x B2B1Free Suave ManuQ=$3.00
2 x $2/1 Garnier Whole Blends ManuQ=$4.00
1 x $3.50/2 Right Guard Extreme Dry Spray Deo IPQ=$3.50
Coupon Total.....$10.50

$33.51-$10.50=$23.01 +.78¢ tax=$23.79

I used $23.79 in Plenti Points to pay and earned back $15.00 in new PPs($5 wyb $30 Offer, $2 wyb2 Suave, $2 wyb2 Whole Blends, $2 wyb2 Right Guard, $2 wyb2 SalonPas, $1 wyb2 Swedish Fish, $1 wyb Sweet Stripes mints bag)so I spent down my points by $8.79.

A $3 Load2CardQ also came off(it looks like it was for one of the shampoo brands?)so my total was $3 less(or $20.79 instead of $23.79)or $5.79 spent down in the end.

I also applied for and received a $1.20 Checkout51 cash rebate for buying the Swedish Fish candies and a $1 SavingStar rebate for buying the Right Guard deo, making my spend down now $3.59.

But....and isn't there always a but? lolz........there is a Right Guard Mail-in Rebate to try this new dry spray for free which got mailed out today.
Not sure how much I'll get back on that because A-I bought two and one was half price on sale so do I get back the full price one, the half price one or an average of what I paid for both? and B-the rebate form says they deduct any coupon used on the item on what they send you back, but the Q I used on these items isn't identified on the receipt so how will they know of the four Qs on the receipt if one was used on this product?
Good luck on them figuring this out! lolz
So I'll either get back $7.29, $5.46, $3.64, $3.79, $1.96 or .14¢. 8-)

Whatever it is will be fine.  I'll either have a nice moneymaker here or I'll have spend down as much as $3.45 in PPs.

I had almost $100 in points on this card so I can afford whatever happens. ;-)

What good deals have you gotten this week or plan to get this week?



  1. Okay my head is spinning and I really didn't feel great anyway so I am now going to say You are the bestest ever.

  2. Coupons have a barcode. Coupons on the receipt have the barcode recorded just like the barcode for the item. So, they may use that information to determine you used a coupon.

  3. My head is spinning too. Your shop was awesome.


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