Saturday, June 4, 2016

May To-Do List Update

So how did I do with my May To-Do List?

* Pay Bills  PASS This is and everything paid on time even though we were gone about half the month.

* Bike Something  FAIL  The bike got moved(and dismantled)for the impending house re-org so not able to use it in May.  I did however do a lot of swimming on our trip at various hotels.

* Declutter  PASS Piling up more to get rid of this month too.

* 1 Load to Salvation Army  PASS  1 Load gone and another one or two looks to be going in June.

* Read 1 Book PASS  I finished the Immigrant Bride stories book.  A little too heavy on the overt religious aspect(as it was put out by one of those Christian publishing companies)for my taste but most of it was interesting even so.

* Finish Moving toiletries and fabric PASS  All the toiletries and fabrics have been relocated, what wasn't giving away and/or used for another Giveaway(stay tuned for the giveaway to start on Sunday).  I still have waaaay more toiletries than we currently need but with 5 people in the house(2 of which are notorious in these parts for going through product)we will be needing the better part of it.  Even so, I am still on a Rite-Aid moratorium. 8-(

* Go to Dr. Appointments  PASS  All appointments were attended and/or cancelled when I decided against having that HS surgery.

* Visit Friends PASS Not only was I able to fit in ONE visit but I accomplished THREE!  Two were folks I met online(and have visited with in person before)and One was a "in real life" visit with someone who was only known to me through her blog.  And yes, these three visits were the BEST THING about our road trip! 8-)))

* Eat Well while traveling PASS  The only time we ventured into a fast food(Micky D's/BK/Wendy's/etc.)was to get Hubs coffee.  Ok, we did stop in a local donut shop for donuts but we tried to eat better on the road this trip.

Not much of a list last month and not many "hard" tasks.  With being away for almost half of May I didn't see the need to put a ton of items on this list that I wouldn't be able to do since we weren't home. Except for the biking thing(which was physically impossible to accomplish)I got it all done.
Go me.

Now I am off to figure out what to put onto June's To-Do List.  Not sure at this point with so much up in the air how June will go.

How about you?  Did you get everything accomplished in May that you set out to do?
Tell us about your month.



  1. May was a whirling blur with having the extra kid for almost three weeks, and gearing up for the end of the school year. I feel successful that I managed not to pack and leave home by myself for a self centered break.

  2. Hey little miss brags a lot: I survived May. I know I know I deserve what I ask for..... but that is a changing.

  3. Yay! May is over and was mostly successful! The In real life thing was the highlight of my May, before and after was mostly drudgery and intense cleaning. I am ready to enjoy June!

  4. You ask such difficult Well, I finally found someone to mow my yard! I had a dozen dr appointments, had my teeth cleaned. Yes, I did other things but cannot remember. I should have kept

    Oh, I finally got a new camera, using money from winning the spelling bee. I sorted earrings the first of the month to removed broken or solitaire ones. Then, I repaired or converted a few. THEN, Clamco came along and I promised her the rest of the earring parts.

  5. Overall May was a productive month especially with the resolutions to keep up on the reading and soup making. Alas, there is no lack of work to be done in June.

  6. Get on that biking! I worry about that obesity! Health and wellness to you and yours.

  7. Sounds very productive. I tend to make lists and then move things to the next moth yet I feel busy all month. Maybe new things pop up. Not sure. But a crossed off list is a happy end of month surprise at my house.

  8. May was expensive- company at the beginning of the month, my older daughter's and granddaughter's birthday, bought my new Prius April 30th, and pool supplies. Good news is the pool is up and running, I love my car, I have plenty of food and good health. No complaints.

  9. I completed a nature challenge in May - I spent a minimum of 30 minutes a day in the forest - it was wonderful!


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