Friday, June 3, 2016

Lincoln Connection.....What Do Ya Know!

As I was kanoodling around in the Hanks/Lincoln genealogy/family tree I discovered that I too have a very distant via "marriage in our allied families" connection to Mr. Lincoln.

Yeah, everywhere I turn I uncover family connections to just about everyone. lolz

Nancy Hanks Lincoln, the mother of Abraham, had a sister(not sure if they are full siblings though as both their fathers are unknown)named Sarah Hanks.

Sarah Hanks, herself, also had an illegitimate child, a daughter named Margaret Hanks.

This Margaret Hanks, who was a full 1st cousin to Abraham Lincoln, married Andrew LeGrand.

Andrew LeGrand is a descendant of Pierre LeGrand, one of the Huguenot immigrants who arrived in 1700 on the "Peter and Anthony", the second ship of Huguenots to arrive in the Virginia Colony.

*Readers will remember that my direct 8th Great Grandparents, Abraham Soblet and Susanne Briant Soblet, along with their son, my 7th X Grat Grandfather, Pierre Jean Soblet, arrived in Virginia as well in 1700 on the first ship of Huguenots, the "Mary and Ann".  But I digress.....

The LeGRAND line down to Andrew--

Pierre LeGrand
Jean Pierre LeGrand
Abraham LeGrand
William Thomas LeGrand
John Harris LeGrand
Andrew Jackson LeGrand

Abraham LeGrand(Andrew's Great Grandfather)had a brother, Peter LeGrand.

The LeGRAND line that hooks into my family--

Pierre LeGrand
Jean Pierre LeGrand
Peter LeGrand
Nash LeGrand
Rebecca Holmes Nash
Hunter Holmes Marshall m. Sarah Stith

Peter's son, Nash LeGrand married Margaret Holmes and they had a daughter, Rebecca Holmes Nash.

Rebecca married John Marshall and their son was Hunter Holmes Marshall(the original owner of Roxabel Plantation-which my great grandparents bought in the early 1930's).

HH Marshall married Sarah Wilmer Stith, who is my 4th cousin 5 x removed.
Sarah Stith and I share common ancestors in Drury Stith and Susanna Bathurst(Sarah's 3 x GGs, my 8 x GGs).

To put it another way, Abe Lincoln is the 1st cousin of the wife of my 3rd cousin of the husband of my 4th cousin 5 x removed.

Yep, early European immigrants to American shores are just a big ol' fun ball of incestuous relations.

My own Grandma, Sluggy

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  1. Could you please map that out for me? Maybe my head will quit spinning.

    They did not even consider that incestuous. Maybe there were not enough non-relatives togo


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