Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Recently Garden Activity

Here are a few photos from my garden taken in the last week.

One of the first normal sized tomatoes we have.  It's about to turn red and I'll get Hubs to harvest it tonight when he gets home from work.
We have lost at least 4 other tomatoes to a deer who has discovered our garden.......

More telltale evidence of the deer.  Our garden is not deep so he can lean in from the short fence and reach the bean vines on the deck railing and chomp away at them....

The tomato plants are dying back now and the Summer squash plants are getting powdery mold and also dying off but the morning glory vines are still going great guns.

The collard plants are doing better now that other plants are dying back and giving them more sunlight.  The Japanese beetles seem to have fled as well so the new collard leaves aren't being eaten, meaning there may actually be something to harvest of them come the first frost.  ;-)

The front flower bed has been growing like gangbusters!
You can see in this shot that we have tomato plants in that bed.  We didn't plant tomatoes in there this year.....they are all volunteers!  And they actually have tomatoes on the plants now so if the bunnies and the deer don't find them, we may get some to turn red and harvest.

We planted Coleus as well as that are those spikey flowers(can't remember what they are called)in this photo in this bed this past Spring.
We planted those same spikey flowers last year in here as well.
Well we could have saved some money not replanting these spikey flowers this year since they seemed to have reseeded themselves and we have TONS of these spikey flowers all over this bed!
It's very vibrant and colorful out front this year.

The Coleus as well have gotten HUGE in the bed this year.  Some of the leaves on these plants are as big as my head!  That's what lots of sunshine will do for ya......
The Coleus has finally gone to seed out here and I may try to collect seeds this Fall and start my own plants next Winter.

Just a close-up of some plantings.

The first normal sized tomato harvested on Friday...........

My mater and bean face....what I picked 24 Aug. but hadn't shown yet.....lolz

Another big squash I picked last Wednesday.....Hubs picked another smaller squash on Sunday but he didn't take a photo of it for me.....

More green beans last week...........

And yet another handful of beans later in the week.....

The harvest total is a bit off since Hubs hasn't been weighing the produce he picks and I don't have the paper I write the weights on up here with me.  My guess is we are up to 12 lbs.?

I haven't been outside in 3 days due to the foot issue and I really want to get out there and check things out.
Maybe tomorrow.




  1. I love the pictures of your garden

  2. Your gardens are very pretty. I hope you get better soon.

  3. rest that foot I tell you. Let your daughter wait on you.

  4. You are way ahead of me on the whole produce thing but I might get you with the basil. It has gone crazy and now looks like a bush. I foresee use making pesto very quickly.

  5. Our town is known for a huge deer population,almost a tourist attraction. Fortunately, they don't like my street as it is a newer subdivision away from the big trees. I also have a fully enclosed back yard with 7 foot wood fence so the only thing that has ever gotten in was a raccoon :) He wasn't interested in sticking around though. My tomato plants are on their second wind. I thought that was pretty much it but see a bunch more little tiger plum tomatoes getting ready to ripen. Definitely the year of the tomato for me.

  6. Your garden looks pretty and the deer and bunnies thank you for the food!

    Our garden went kaput early in the spring (life interfered with gardening) but it's ok. Local farmers have had incredible harvests and I have bought some stunning produce from them. Maybe the fall garden will do a little better. Maybe I should get of my tail and plant it this week first!

  7. Fabulous garden!!! I'm sorry you're not feeling good tho.
    My garden is a plethora of beautiful weeds. My dad is doing an overhaul of a free rototiller that I got on freecycle so I hope my garden next year actually exists. Home grown tomatoes are the bomb!


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