Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Crappy Week

Everybody having fun this week raise your hand.
You will notice that I am NOT raising my hand over here.

I hate being sick.
I hate even more being bedridden sick and having doctors ignore my pleas for help.

The foot has only improved incrementally.  I still can't walk.  Let me tell you have much fun that is when you have to somehow get to the bathroom frequently because you are on a very small dosage of a diuretic.
Not very.

And I have ben constipated for over a week now.
The antibiotic is suppose to give you diarrhea and the painkiller is suppose to clog up your digestive tract.
I believe the painkiller is winner that particular race.

Even Metamucil isn't kicking anything loose.  I'll have Hubs bring out the big guns this evening.....prunes.

Speaking of painkillers......I "followed up" with my dr. office on Tuesday morning(yesterday)as the ER doc said to do.
Gave the receptionist the full report on what transpired on Friday and over the weekend since up to Tuesday morning....basically it's an infection(or so they think)and I am on a cocktail of antibiotics and painkillers.

Of course my dr. is out of the office this week(as he always seems to be when I have an unexpected issue)so they'll send a ticket into the office docs so someone can get back to me, to see me in the office and update the meds(or change them as needed).

So I wait and wait and get no call back on Tuesday before the office closes.  I finally get through to them on the phone this afternoon, Wednesday, go through the whole who I am and why I am calling rigmarole and she finds my "ticket" still sitting in the system, still not dealt with.

So she says she'll put in another "ticket" and someone will get back to me.....obviously like someone got back to me yesterday!
It is an hour before they close for business for the day and still no call back.
And I am out of painkillers come this evening.
They won't call in painkillers to the pharmacy, you have to go to the office to get a paper scrip and take it to the drug store yourself. 
Hello?!  I can't get to the office or the pharmacy myself because I CAN'T WALK ON THIS FOOT!!
How am I suppose to get some drugs and within the next 50 minutes??


The Daughter arrived for a visit late Sunday evening.
We had a modified Labor Day cook-out on Monday. Modified because I can't do the cooking and neither Hubs or Daughter wanted to cook.  I hobbled downstairs to eat and somehow hobbled back to bed later.  I haven't ventured downstairs since as it's too painful for my foot.

Then on Tuesday morning Daughter decides to leave and go across the state to see someone from her Summer Camp days.  I guess being stuck here with me was just not enough fun so the friend picked her up yesterday morning and she's coming back tomorrow night.
So I have been alone without help for almost 2 days now. 
Well at least I should lose some weight(and even more if the constipation kicks loose)if I don't die of dehydration first. Drinking 3 bottles of water a day isn't enough, is it?

I sure had better make sure I have enough saved for a good nursing home as I won't be able to rely on the Daughter for care........

Hubs yelled at me last night.  He was partly right to do so as I have been a brat and have been nit-picking about stuff.  I am miserable and I get that way when I feel I am being ignored and sick.
I have been watching sappy shows on Youtube and crying at them and feeling sorry for myself.

I may have better luck going back to the ER.  At least there they will take care of you after 6 hours or so.....

Getting old and sick sucks.
Take my advice and don't do either!



  1. No fun!! hope you are feeling better soon

  2. You poor thing! You have a right to be bitchy based on the situation! You might consider seeing if you can get some temporary care help from your insurance provider? Unfortunate about your daughter leaving but maybe she didn't realize how badly the assistance would have been welcomed. Maybe do some online shopping? Spoil yourself a wee bit? Order in a housekeeping service?

  3. I am so sorry for you. I also hate being sick and not able to do what I damn well want to do. Hope things improve drastically very fast. Docs not responding to a call before the end of the day is close to being criminal!

  4. I would go to the ER and let them deal with you. They will get you sorted out in no time flat. How about using crutches?

  5. Oh boy, sluggy. You're having a rough time. I hear ya! And I agree with the daughter bit. My two are just the same. Hang it there. It'll get better. Then when you are well, revenge will taste so much better. Just thunk of ways you can get even with everyone! LOL. At least it makes you feel better! Hang in there.

  6. Oh how sucky! I wish there was a painkiller that didn't "stop the trains." I think you should be watching some Monty Python!

  7. I can be down right infantile when I'm really sick, but mostly because I want to be left alone and my hubs is overly sweet. I know-right royal beech. That does sound awful and hope the doctor dors something for you soon or we should all road trip to care fot you ourselves.

  8. I am sorry. I assume your daughter is old enough to help you. Bet you didn't walk out on her when she needed you. Just because you aren't any fun, what does she expect of you, your sick, in pain, and bet could use some company. Cheryl

  9. Thinking good thoughts for you and hoping you feel better soon!

  10. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly! I hope you are able to get into the doctor and get some pain relief.

  11. I feel so badly for you. It is frustrating for you in not feeling helped, even just being kept company. I do hope the Dr.'s office got (or gets) back to you quickly. Your Hubs (as most of them) doesn't like when you are ill, and wants to 'fix it'. We are here for you, as best as we can be.

  12. Sluggy if I was there I would take care of you and make you laugh! Yes pain killers do block you up. You need to really drink water or whatever. Get hub's to put a small cooler of iced drinks by your bed. Tell him he can't yell at you because he was so sweet when we were there and I got such a nice impression and he has to stay that way, just in case you or hub's kicks the boat together..... Hmmmmm. Also eat a can of spinach with butter it will make you poop. Must be canned spinach. Frootloops also work, I am talking about the cereal kind.

  13. Feel better soon! When I'm sick I feel very sorry for myself and am positive no one's ever felt worse. I really just want to be left alone. Hope you get what you want.

  14. bummer
    hang in there my friend.

  15. I hope that you are feeling better and will be able to enjoy the weekend. I love to read your posts!

  16. Ok if memory serves, you bought your daughter a freakin house! I guess if you want gratitude you do it for someone else's kid. You have every right to be cranky and feel let down. On top of that not pooping? I have only one word: Miralax

  17. Hope you start to feel better very soon!

  18. I love you so much my cousin. I get the same way too. I wait on everyone hand and foot for their entire ****ing lives and no one will even check if I'm alive. One time I was so sick and they left me. I woke up 24 hrs later and no one had even opened the ****ing door. So I snapped at Den that you can't leave someone with such a high fever without checking them. Do you know what he said, when you died we would have smelt it! Finally my MIL got concerned and started stopping over and let everyone have it. That is why when she is sick or has surgery, I am there. My FIL, love him dearly, would leave her to die. Families. Get better and run off here!!!!

  19. I am so mad at your daughter! When I went to visit my parents, my mom was not feeling well, so I cooked every day. Of course, I am glad I did. I feel like you do for your parents if they need help. It does not matter if they are not being "fun" enough. I sure hope you feel better soon.


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