Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Super Exciting Weekend....Not So Much

Here's the plan at Chez Sluggy for the weekend.
Hold onto your hats because we are getting WILD here!  8-)))

We are going to clean out my daughter's old room.
She has been gone now just about 2 years since moving to Louisiana.
Needless to say whatever she couldn't fit into her subcompact car when she left didn't go with her.

We are in "get the house ready to sell" mode now so it's time to clear her stuff out.
I'll be taking photos of everything we remove from the room that belongs to her and will send the pictures to her and she can decide if it goes too charity, to the trash or we bring it with us on this next trip to see her.

I got enough of my own crap here, I don't need her "left-behinds" too.

Next it's on to the oldest son's stuff.  He has very little here but there is some and I'll do the same(take photos and he can decide)and the next time we go there or he comes here it can be carted off.....unless it is something he doesn't want then it goes soon to SA or the dump.

Also on the "clean out and clear out" list this weekend are--

A.  MY closet   Need I say more? lolz
B.  My flash drives  I have 2 flash drives I need to clean out/up the old files on them.  Every time my computer is about to die I backup files on these FDs.  I need to go through and delete stuff I don't need/want any longer and then reorganize what is left.

I have already started on 1 of the FDs.

And I found some photos I thought I had lost a long time ago.
Back in March of 2012 right before I had my heart episode I did a swap.....I think Carla organized it?

Anyway, my swappee was Judy.  I put a lot of time/thought into gathering her goodies according to her likes and dislikes and I took photos of everything even though how swaps work is that the recipient usually posts photos of what they get in the swap on their blog(if they have one).

Well around that time was also when Judy lost her husband so needless to say she never posted about what she got......nor would I have expected her to post about it given the circumstances.

So I can now(2 YEARS later!lolz)show what she got.  ;-)

Everything packed in a cute puppy gift bag

An over view of the goodies
A running joke about "Calgon, take me away!" and some hand sanitizer because she works in a hospital.

My prized homemade Pepper Relish

Some Easter candy(because it was almost Easter) and it's Irish Crème filled because of her Irish ancestry.

A PlanAhead journal for 2013 in her favorite color, red.

A cool pouch holding.......

Red Cloisonné Rosary Beads direct from Italy at great personal expense.....ok, not so expensive but a really nice set. 8-)

She wanted a new rosary and I found this neat set in her favorite color from a seller on eBay so it had to go into the swap bag.

So now I can mark this undone thing off my list.

And I can remark again that I miss do many others.

If you are out there Judy reading this, please know that we miss you and worry about you and I'd love it if you'd email me sometime.

Ok, I am off to start the cleaning out upstairs now.  I doubt I'll get all this stuff done today but we'll get as much as we can and finish up during next week.

Maybe by next weekend the weather will be warm enough to start some yard clean-up.
I can only hope....

What exciting things have you got going on this weekend?




  1. Udy with a J - I echo Sluggy's comments - we miss you and love you!
    I think I might tackle the other bathroom cupboards since I had so much fun with the first one...sorta...

  2. You are SO nice. After our kids moved out, their rooms got gutted pretty quickly. LOL! Of course, after the last one moved out, we moved, so we had to clean out her room. It is amazing the stuff they leave behind when they move out.

    1. No Frances, I am just lazy and been avoiding it.....and we wanted to make sure the move "stuck" if you know what I

  3. I am resting up after the young woman came to help me. But, I am rested from sleeping late. There are three things to do: put seeds in bags to germinate, drill holes in buckets so I can plant them, find the rest of my seeds, go to the Laundromat to wash clothes, go to the church to wash me and my hair. That ought to fill up my weekend after I take the $1.77/lb chicken tenders out of the crockpot.

  4. I am in the middle of washing a kitchen full of dishes, and thought I'd break up the monotony by making chocolate chip cookies "for the kids - yeah, that's it - for the kids." Paid all the bills I can pay. Picked up dog doo. Lots of laundry to do. Not really exciting around here!

    1. Yes use that "making it for the kids" excuse while you still can. lol

  5. let's see: grocery shopping, buy some new spring tops, knit, bake cornbread, drink, listen to baseball, nap, relax.

    1. Something is wrong with this list....I know!, drinking is only on it once. lol

  6. Good luck on the mammoth clean. I really, really need to do that here. Sonya Ann directed me here - and I am glad she did.

    1. Thanks for visiting Elephant's Child!

  7. Ok my word! That's more stuff then I could get done in a whole week. You go woman!

  8. When I moved out to my first house, every time my parents came to visit there was another box or two of stuff I had left behind.

  9. Do you know what real estate agent you'll be going with? If not, I can recommend the one I used.

    1. We might go with the one who sold us this house if she is still in the realtor game.
      But it's still about 3 years out before we need one but email me your agent's name and I'll keep them in mind.


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