Thursday, April 16, 2015

Food Shopping This Week & Other Shopping Splurges

Went to Maine Source restaurant supply store this week for some produce.....

4 x assorted peppers
4 x English cukes
2 x cantaloupes
2 x hot house tomatoes
1 x package of hot dog rolls
1 x Arizona zero-calorie peach tea

$16.93 OOP
$28.85 regular retail

 Then it was to Weis(PMITA)Markets for milk and the mushrooms I forgot that I needed for fajitas on Thursday......

As you can see I also ran into some instant discount stickers for salad greens, bakery products and tube-type meats. lolz

1 x Baby Greens 50%off sticker=$1.99
1 x Asst. Salad 50%off sticker=$1.49
.63 lb. mushrooms=$1.88(cheaper than buying the containers of mushrooms)
1 x Kaiser rolls 50%off sticker=.99¢
1 x Sourdough bread 50%off sticker=$1.69
3 x Bob Evans sausage $2off sticker(and on sale)=$1.99 each
1 x Smithfield smoked sausage $2off sticker(and on sale)=$1.34
1 x Hebrew National reduced fat franks $3off sticker=$3.69
1 x 1/2 gal. milk=$1.72 *not pictured*

Total after sales/discount stickers=$20.76 OOP
Regular Retail total=$40.81
Savings rate of 49%......

And what am I doing with all those cukes?
Why pickles Watson!......

Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles with Red Onions

Total spent on groceries this week.....$37.69
I know it's more than the $20 I wanted to stay under but this is how I shop and frankly spending an extra $18 on food during a week isn't going to bankrupt us. ;-)

You never know when those lovely discount stickers will appear and on WHAT they will appear.
When they do(and it's something we eat), I buy them and either change the menu to use something up fresh or I freeze them(if they can be frozen like meats) for later use.
It doesn't usually add much to my food bill and it keeps me from having to pay full retail to buy it when it's needed later on.
So in the end, shopping a little now saves me more later.

Do this long enough and you may never have to pay retail for food again(except for a few items around here like milk which, thanks to the strong PA dairy lobby, never goes on sale and is price controlled).
I did pay full retail for the loose mushrooms too at Weis.  I wanted to make chicken fajitas this week because Maine Source had peppers on a good sale but they didn't have 'shrooms on sale.  Weis had containers of 'shrooms on sale but the bulk loose 'shrooms are cheaper at full retail than the boxed stuff on sale.
Go figure! these are my "go to" 'shrooms.

As of today we have spent $208.21 and have meals planned/food for though April 18th of this month.
$91.79 left to spend on food and 12 days left in April to eat.  That's highly do-able.

I want to mention that we went out the weekend before Easter and bought "non-food stuff".
I don't often buy stuff/wants, but we did at the beginning of April.

Macy's had their "lowest price of the season" sale going on.
Funny but they don't say which season it is the lowest price of.....lolz
Anyway, I bought this..........

A toaster oven
Don't ask me why.
It was under $18 and everything being equal I prefer a toaster oven to a toaster.
Toaster oven is more of a multi-tasker and seem to last a bit longer than any of the toasters I've owned.
Our toaster is still humming along but once it goes to the great small appliance heaven, we will be ready to unpack this bad boy.

As it was an awesome sale on some kitchenware stuff and we have 2 young adults who can use said kitchenware stuff we also bought the older 2 kids these.....

A 10 piece set of stainless steel cookware.
After a coupon, sale and tax, they were each under $50 for a reg. retail of $180 set.
Nice cookware for 74% off?
Yes, please!

Macy's had a cheaper SS set(their house brand)for under $40 BUT this one is heat safe to a higher temperature and I know my kids.......they only know 1 heat setting....HIGH!
So we laid out an extra $10 for these puppies.
'Nuff said. ;-)

These and the 12 bottles of mead we bought at the Meadery the end of March have been our big spurges lately.

No shopping at Rite-Aid this week, except to pick-up Rxs.

How is your food shopping going this week?



  1. I only bought some produce although I need to do a costco run tomorrow for dogfood and over the counter meds. The only real bargain of the week was bananas at .47 cents per pound - Organic!

  2. I've never tried frig cukes just freezer. Hmmmmmm, I think I may need to get some red onions.
    I'm sad that your fun time with RA is over. Damn them!!!!!!

  3. You might really love the toaster oven. It's great for much more than toast and during the summer it seriously reduces heat in the kitchen.
    How did you make the fridge pickles?

  4. Did your English cucumbers come from Mexico? Mine do.

    For a few weeks I have been wanting a toaster oven. Never before have I wanted one. I was thinking how great it would be to cook in this summer and would probably not make my kitchen so hot when I bake pies. What? I don't bake pies in the summer. Plus, I don't have room for one. What size did you get?

    The only grocery store that reduces produces puts the produce in the aisle, not cool anymore. Soon, just one things gets that rotten smell that makes the whole cart smell bad, so I try to stay away from the reduced buggy.

    I bought Halos that were 3/lbs. @ $6.97 at WM, price-matched at $2.99 from Sprouts Frmer's Market. Kroger had a gallon of milk for $2.50. I price matched that against WM milk at $3.48. I will buy another gallon of milk before the price goes up next Wednesday..

  5. Well done!!! My grocery bills are WAY too high so far this month... hoping to do better this week. Food costs are obscene here.. :(

  6. I use my toaster oven more than our regular oven.

  7. I've never seen a recipe for refrigerator Bread & Butter pickles only Dill etc. Would you be willing to share the recipe? Thanks

    1. Recipe post coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned....

  8. I kinda stopped and stared when you said you needed mushrooms for fajitas. I have lived in Texas most of my life and have eaten many different variations of fajitas, but not one of those variations had mushrooms on them. That sounds so weird to me. LOL!


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