Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Travel Plans

Well since nobody wants to come visit me(sad face), I am working on another road trip in 2015.

Hubs got his vacation nailed down from mid to end of May this year.

We are going down to Louisiana to see our daughter and then drive home OR the alternate plan is for us to drive down to LA and then Hubs to fly home and then I can stay away longer/visit more places and then drive myself home sometime in June.

So who wants a visit from the ol' Sluggy this year?



  1. Oh I would love this. Seeing your blog entries on the road look so enjoyable.

    1. Oh, though I'd love this too I don't see it happening as getting to y'all would double our traveling distance for this trip.....plus the SW in May/June?!? I need to visit you in Winter me thinks.....

  2. Looking forward to the travel pics!


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