Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where's the Chicken?

In my enthusiasm after I joined Sam's Club I bought this.....

A large pan of Chicken Marsala.
I was anxious to try some of the "Pre-Made" entrees Sam's sells.  If the price and quality was good it would make a nice emergency "no time to cook" meal.
It looks apetitzing in the cover art, yes?

I love Chicken Marsala so when I saw a sign that said "Chicken Marsala $5.88" I grabbed this package.
Well, obviously I didn't read the sign well, because the item was $5.88 a POUND......

This item rang up $17.13 and not the $5.88 I was expecting.
I didn't catch this fact until I got home because I bought other things in the order and didn't notice this price at the checkout.

I figured I wouldn't be buying this again at that price and once I opened the box up and found I was paying $5.88 lb. for mostly SAUCE that cinched it.
There were 3 small half chicken breasts(1 serving portions)in the box and they were swimming in sauce.
There also could have been more mushrooms in that sauce.  The mushroom count was pitiful.

Now the sauce was tasty but at this price?  Never again.
I'll break down and buy a bottle of Marsala wine and make my own sauce.

At $17.13 this came out to $5.71 a serving and I still had to provide/pay for side dishes for the rest of the meal.

At least I had the presence of mind to save the leftover sauce and stick it into the freezer.  There was a full pint of sauce left and that's enough to just add my own chicken(and some mushrooms)and get another meal of Chicken Marsala out of this questionable purchase.

I could purchase 2 lbs. of chicken breast, fresh mushrooms and Marsala wine and make at least 3 full meals of Chicken Marsala(with plenty of the wine leftover to make it again some other time)for less than the $17.13 I spent on barely 3 servings and a shit ton of sauce.

So what food products have you bought that turned out to not be such the deal that you thought they were at the time?



  1. Live and learn I guess. That's an outrageous price for a pitiful amount of food. I like keeping something like that on hand too - my go to is roasted vegetable lasagne, store brand and it DOES only cost $5.88, for those days when your daughter brings home TWO kittens!!

  2. half-full cereal boxes and chip bags always piss me off.

  3. I hate it when I buy produce in a bag and the price on the sign is per pound, not stated!

  4. I have had a couple of disappointing Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones entrees. I emailed the company complaining and received coupons that I used for non-disappointing items.

    1. Frances,
      I am utterly disappointed with EVERY frozen meal. my buying it is far and in between. I don't know any of them will get better or be better than another.

    2. So email all the companies and give any free coupons to your kids. :-)

  5. Indeed, most meals prepared cost less than thems already made?

  6. How about when you open a bag of frozen veggies and find it is half ice!

  7. Just about all the prepared meals at Sam's or Costco are not efficient per serving meals. I have found family sized meals at Aldi before for 5 dollars or under. Those become my emergency go to meals. (My local Aldi sells discontinued items cheaply)

  8. Ouch! That's a pricey mistake!!

  9. I hate when I make mistakes with dinners... they are usually very expensive. I was particularly VERY ticked off one time I bought fish, which was supposed to include 8 fillets in the box. I open the box, and I kid you not, there were 4 individually wrapped bags inside with 1.25 fillets each. The .25 was more of a cutoff of the original. I was MAD!... but not mad enough to take it back to the store. Ever since then, I don't buy things I can't see through the packaging.


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