Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Booze Run

If you thought buying 10 frozen cocktails in a bag this Summer while I was staying at your house Sonya Ann made me look like an alcoholic, how about what I got in Virginia.......

And the load I bought last week in Delaware........

3 are missing from that last photo too.  10 of these cost me $1 a piece at one store.
The others were $1.50 each.
I got a great deal on all those needless to day.  ;-)

Every time we venture out of PA we make stops at liquor stores.
It's not that we are raging alcoholics as some might be led to believe.
We enjoy a nice drink every now and again.

It's just that PA, or rather the region of PA were we live, has a rather limited selection of adult beverage choices.  There seems to only be 1 beverage distributor for this entire region of PA so all the booze sold around here has to filter through this one source.  This leads to only carrying the major "popular with the masses" brands in outlets around here. 
Except for a couple of grocery stores with liquor licenses who can source more widely, but they charge an awful lot for what they carry.

In PA beer has to be bought as a full case mostly.  The only exceptions being places with liquor licenses....they can sell single bottles or 6/4 packs.....and they charge to much for that convenience.
There is no running to the store around here and picking up a 6-pack for the weekend.

Wines and hard liquors are only sold in state run stores in PA....and you know the state takes a mighty chunk of cash from those sales by taxing the items to death.  Plus they control what can be sold in PA and most importantly what can NOT be sold in PA.

Ah big government at it's finest doing what it does best--screwing with people's day to day lives!

If you like the common every day things the masses drink, like JD, Capt. Morgan, Budweiser, Miller, Sutter Home or Cupcake wines, etc. you can find that in massive quantities.

But if you want more boutique selections or craft beers you are outta luck around here....except for Yuengling because Yuengling is a local beer.
Let's just say the selection sucks because PA is rather draconian in their practices.

So we shop for adult beverages on vacation to try new, different things we haven't had before or to pick up selections we like and can't get around here.

There is a massive liquor store in DE outside of Philly with good prices that we go right by on the way to OC.

You have to love a liquor store that has an entire aisle/section of Mexican beers! lolz

Plus there are 2 large liquor stores in Rehoboth DE when we go through there.

This list was what both Hubs and I bought on this trip to bring home---
*=new to use selections

1 X 6-pack Day of the Dead Porter
1 x 6-pack Abita Turbodog
1 x 6-pack Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale *
1 x 6-pack Barrel Trolley Nut Brown Ale *
1 x 6-pack Evolution Brewing Lucky 7 Porter *
1 x 6-pack Evolution Brewing Lot#3 IPA *
1 x 4-pack Ass Kisser Smoked Porter *
1 x 750ml Sam Adams Barrel Room 13th Hour Stout *
1 x 750ml Clown Shoes Chocolate Somberro Stout *
1 x 750ml Ipswitch Oatmeal Stout *
1 x 750ml Raftman Unibroue *
1 x 4-pack Belhaven Black Scotish Stout *
1 x 4-pack Murphy's Irish Stout Draught *
1 x 4-pack Crown V Imperial Pumpkin Stout *
1 x bottle Yuengling Porter
1 x Growler fill McKenzie's Pumpkin Hard Cider *
2 x 6-pack McKenzie's Pumpkin Hard Cider *
1 x 6-pack McKenzie's Black Cherry Hard Cider
1 x 750ml Hoshi Plum Wine
1 x 750ml Sandeman Founders Reserve Port *
1 x 750ml Sandeman Amontillado Character Port *
1 x 750ml Dry Sack Sherry *
1 x 750ml Osbourne Tawny Port *
1 x 750ml G&D  Marsala Wine(for cooking) *
1 x 750ml Santero Pineapple Moscato *
2 x 750ml Chaucer's Mead *
1 x bottle Evolution Rise Up Stout *
1 x bottle Dominion Oak Barrel Stout *
1 x bottle Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus! PB Porter *
1 x bottle Sam Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout *
1 x bottle Yards Gen. Washington's Porter *
1 x bottle Southern Tier 2x Milk Stout *
1 x bottle Evil Genius Brewing Trick or Treat Stout *
1 x bottle Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir
1 x 22oz. Stone Brewing XoCoveza & Suede Stout *
1 x 750ml Jack Daniels Master Distillers Whiskey *
1 x 1.75ml George Dickel #12 Whiskey
10 x Daily's Assorted "Slurpees"
10 x Croctails  Assorted "Slurpees"

Almost $350 of beverages.
The cost would have been double I bet if we had bought them all in PA....IF we could get them in PA......

This should keep us busy until next October when we take our beach vacation again.

This is how I get to enjoy a drink now and again and still be frugal. 
Don't drink at bars or restaurants(mostly), buy it at a lower price somewhere other than in PA and enjoy it at home.

What's your favorite type of adult beverage?  Is there a specific brand you like?




  1. Must suck to live in a dry state! :) I was also dismayed that you didn't use coupons and pay on 1 cent for all this booze... Where is your thriftiness?!

    1. Well liquor stores don't issue coupons.
      BUT if I didn't live in PA, I could send for liquor REBATES.
      Most of them are void in PA.....
      Curse you PA, curse you!!!

      It would suck more to live in TN however. Half the counties there are dry. Even the county were one of the whiskey distilleries is located. lolz

  2. You are a drunk. It's ok so am I! And what the hell are you thinking?!?!?!? There is no way that will last you a year! Maybe til 2015. MAYBE!

    1. I know that was said with Love.....right? lol

    2. I always take what a drunk says with a grain of salt.

  3. wine, gin, cosmos, martinis are my faves. PA blows goats when it comes to adult beverages.

  4. I live in Alabama where the state controls the alcohol sales. I am a peasant mostly but occasionally I would love the option to buy some things we can't get here. I have been looking for maraschino liqueur for about 5 years now. By the time I finally found Aadvocat I had forgotten why I was looking for it . I so understand browsing through stores while on vacation.


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