Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sluggy's Solo Road Trip Part 8......More IL Fun

After refreshing drinks the girls took me to this place.....

Robin needed some yarn....when doesn't she need yarn?!?......and they told me that this store sold FABRIC.
How could I not go in there?!

And they weren't lying.......a nice chunk of the store held fabric.



Scarecrows, tin men and lions, oh my!


And I actually bought some of this one.....

Then we just wandered around and had fun......
Senora Sluggy....you should see my flamenco dancing.

Look at the plumage on those birdies!

Pam finds more sock monkeys......

Fall garlands look cool but man do they itch!

Then we perused the Christmas ornaments.
Yes, HL had a fully stocked Christmas section in JULY.....

For your prehistoric themed Christmas tree......

Even Uncle SI was there.......

You keep right on thinking that Willy....lol 

Ze ornament e magnific!

And nothing says Christmas like Chattering Teeth on your tree!!
You know, I would have bought me one of these but they were blown glass and would have never survived the trip home......sigh......

I even found an ornament for McVal's daughter Meri!

Give your tree a little Día de Muertos style......

Gratuitous chicken photo for Linda......

We thought this was cool for the dog lover in your life, a doggie style Nativity set.
But at $50 it stayed right where it was on the shelf.....

A gratuitous Grumpy Cat sighting for anne marie on the way to the checkout......

Then we went next door to do some thrifting at Goodwill......

Little teddy bears that spell out ILLINOIS.
Ok, so they spelled out ILLNOS instead......

This shot is for my #2 Son.  Buying used trophies is an inside joke......

This box says, "The Most Popular Gifts for Children Special Force". 
Nothing says love like a warm toy gun.
Didn't the Beatles title a song that once?

This huge Courage the Cowardly Dog almost went home with me.
I probably would have had to ditch some of the alcohol I bought for my son to stuff him into the car.
It was a difficult decision but the low prices he was going for on eBay made my mind up for me. lolz

But this lovely item DID come home with me.
Wacky and useful and only $3.99.

Robin found a treasure too!!
Too bad she had gotten rid of her stereo turntable about the same time this treasured recording came out....

I even thought of Arteejee's Todd while I was here.......


More great record deals......

Even something for Sean .......

Robin didn't quite like this shirt(her Hubs sells the competitions goods)but I thought it was special.......

And these salt & pepper shakers were in the "High End Expensive" display?
Nobody who prices stuff must look on eBay because you can pick them up for a $5 bill there instead of the $15+ Goodwill wanted for them.
I predict these mammies will be resting their ample bosoms on that shelf for some time to come.

Then we were off for beers of the root variety.
Which took us by another water tower......

And to see Woody the Root Beer Man at the Root Beer Stand.....

Hi Woody!

Was I giving the "thumbs up" sign or the "finger" on that photo?

Robin, on the right, is quite the strong woman, holding up that big burger and all.....


Inside for beers.
Robin got a float....Mmmmmm

This guy leaving is what you'd call a "character" with that Beau Brummel look......'nuff said......

I could have waited and gotten my pork tenderloin sammich in IL.....though the colors on that sign didn't look very appetizing. lolz

I did get this cool tie dyed shirt from the Root Beer Stand however.....

I just wish they came in purple!

The owner's car was parked out back.
It was burnt orange of course.
It should have been tie dyed too......

This post is getting too photo heavy so I'll break it up here and we'll conclude my adventures in central IL next time.



  1. Your adventures are the best! I love reading about them and all of your amazing friends!

  2. I liked the photos you take. Do you remember what was written on the chickens? Were they hens? I could go and look at Hobby Lobby, but the rain and wind we had three weeks ago had merchandise floating in the store. I know it tore up the roof and there was a deluge, but HL is built at the bottom of a huge parking lot, so the swift and hard rain probably came in under the doors in front, maybe in the back, too.

    Two days after the storm, there were two dozen green "Disaster Recovery" company trucks. The store will not open for two months.

    Those Mammies will probably get broken before they sell. The Salvation Army here had lots of beautiful vases, cannot think of the style, for $3--$5 and a sticker that said Dollar Tree. I pointed it out the manager and she got huffy, saying they brought in a well-trained employee from their Decatur store, and she knew what she was doing. Yep, and they closed two months later!

    That sounds like a fun shopping trip.

    My Canada bag has folk asking me about visiting Canada. I got the bag at a yard sale, but I have been to Canada.

    1. LOL on the dollar tree stuff at Salie's.

      I don't know what the chickens had written on them and I can't make it out on the photo.
      To me a chicken is a chicken is a chicken. I don't know from Roosters. lol

  3. Another fun post for me. I love to travel, even if I don't leave the computer. Thanks for sharing!

  4. so much fun wish I was there, not having fun right now!

  5. God I love your travelogues! Such a good time!

    Peace <3

  6. Fie on Hobby Lobby! I shan't set foot in one.

  7. I try to stay out of Hobby Lobby- I can spend hours just in the fabric but they have everything - home decor, holiday stuff, candy...but a couple of friends worked for them and the way they wre treated I have trouble seeing this company as christian(which they claim they are)
    still the fabric is pretty awesome and the yarn section in mine is huge...


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