Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rite-Aid Black Friday Deals

**Sonya, don't read this, it will only frustrate you. hehehe**

If you have +Up Rewards to roll, here are a list of the items you can pick up at R-A 11/27-11/29 for FREE after +Up Rewards.
Now go find some Qs that make these better than FREE and print them now!

These are posted at Slick Deals--

FREE after +UPS

 Bumble Bee tuna $1
Russell Stover singles 2/$2
Lays Stax 2/$3
RA gift wrap tape 2/$2
GE CFL bulbs $3.99
Philips earbuds $6
RA bath pouf $1.99
socks $1
RA cotton balls $2
JR Watkins lotion 5.99
Conair brush 2.99
RA pantiliners $1
RA mouthwash 1.49
RA cough drops 1.49
RA travel cotton swabs .99
RA tb $1
Nivea tin .59
Aim/Pepsodent $1

Not sure on the limits but most will be 1 per wellness card I am thinking.

There will also be a $50 Home Despot gift card giving $10 in +Ups and a choice of Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic gift cards giving $25 +Ups.....not sure how much you have to spend to get that $25 reward but the feeling is it's $100 in gift cards to get the $25 +Ups reward.

If you don't have +Up Rewards to roll and you want to minimize your OOP spending and grow your +Ups stash, then you should select a few of these to buy(I'd go with what will sell out fastest), buy them(spend money)and then roll them the next 2 days into other Free after +Up Rewards items.

For example, I'd get the ear buds(my store only as a few in stock)and the light bulb(another low inventory item here) $9.99(plus any applicable tax).  Then roll that $9.99 in +Ups and get the JR Watkins lotion 5.99, Conair brush 2.99 and the RA mouthwash 1.49= $10.47.....use $9.99 +Ups and pay .48¢ OOP, then go back Saturday and use the $10.47 in +Ups you got on Friday and buy a combination of which of the items left you want and they still have in stock that gets you near or just over $10.47.

And remember to get RAIN CHECKS on everything!  Most of this isn't stuff only stocked for the Holidays so you can go back whenever you want and get it for FREE later on in 2015.  8-)))



  1. Oh, wow what a long list of choices today. Sometimes, when I had a grocery besides WM in which to shop, I would not have the money to get an item on sale. I would deliberately wait until the item was not in stock but still in the ad time frame. I would go get rain checks and then when I had the money, possibly a few days later, I could go back and use the rain check and any coupons in date to get the item. Even though the rain check was dated, the manager would change it for me if I did not make it back in or forgot to use it. This delaying tactic gave me the opportunity to spend more time looking for a coupon. It worked for me.

    1. The thing about getting rain checks on stuff that gives out +Ups it that you get the lower price because obviously there is no +Ups generated BUT if you wait onto there is an +Ups Deal on the item you got a rain check for(that was part of an +Ups Deal before)it's like a double discount.
      IE-Dove shampoo was an +Ups Deal--buy 2 for $7 get $2+Ups back, but they are out of Dove 'poo. So get a rain check which will get you 2 for $5(because no +Ups will print later on this deal), wait until there is another $2+Ups back on 2 and use the rain check. The $7 poos are now $5 for you with the rain check, use 2 x $1/1 Qs, get 2 poos for $3 AND then a $2 +Ups will print for the current deal.
      2 poos for $1 total instead of the $3 total everyone else will pay after +Ups and those $1/1 Qs.
      I am a genius! lol

  2. Replies
    1. I love you too dearie. ;-)

      The list may be long but it's not as good a caliber of stuff as you could get last year for free after +Ups.
      Curses on you R-A!


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