Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Day Out & Grocery Shopping

The weather here was nice and the colors on the trees are about at their height for the season, so I had a rare day out by myself.

I drove an hour away to a Shop-Rite to get some groceries.
It's a wonderful drive through the forests on back country roads around here and little traffic as the ski resorts aren't open for another 2 months and the Summer tourists have gone home.
I had the moon roof open and the radio blasting.

And on the way back I stopped at an old isolated cemetery to snap some headstone photos to add to the back log I have of those.  During the Winter when it's too wicked to wander the graveyards I'll have lots of pictures to post on Find A Grave.
Just thinking ahead and gathering as many photos as I can before the weather turns.
But I digress......

I like to go to Shop-Rite a few times a year for some deals, if not for the lovely drive.
I must confess I haven't been in almost 2 years.  Eek.

I checked out the coupon matchups for this week, clipped or printed some Qs, and scored a few things.

First I did this transaction--

4 x Arm & Hammer laundry detergent $1.66 each
I used 2 x $2/2 ManQs to bring the price down to .66¢ a bottle.

2 x Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner
1 x Shout stain remover/cleaner
1 x Windex multipurpose cleaner
These 4 were $7.96 wyb 4.
I have $4 in IPQs(2 x .50¢ ones doubled), plus $2 in electronic Qs loaded to my Shop-Rite card so each bottle cost me .49¢.  I can't make my own cleaners for that cheap!
Buying these 4 also generated a $3 OYNO Catalina Q.

Then I spent $7.98 on 3 x Oreos, $6 on 2 x Ritz crackers and $6.16 on Power-Ades, totaling $20.14.
$3 in electronic Qs came off making all this $17.14.
I also earned a $5 OYNO for spending $20+(before Qs)on these items.

The total for all was $22.67 including .60¢ tax.
I received $8 in Cats to spend OMNO.
Regular retail value of $60.37.

Then I bought this load--

3 x Barilla boxes of pasta on sale .99¢
I used a $1/3 Barilla ManQ so these cost .66¢ a box.

1 x Box of Dole Corn soup on sale $2.50.
With the electronic $1/1 Q loaded onto my SR card and the $1/1 ManuQ combined this box o' soup cost me .50¢.

1 x Dole Smoothie Shaker on sale for $1.49.
With the $1/1 ManuQ this cost me .49¢.

1 x Tropicana Juice on sale $1.97.
With the $1/1 ManuQ this cost me .97¢

2 x Hall's cough drops on sale .99¢=$1.98
With the electronic $1/2 Q loaded onto my SR card and the $1/1 ManuQ combined  these cost me negative .02¢.  8-)

4 x Flipz choc. covered pretzels on sale $1.50 each.
With the 2 x $1/2 IPQs I used, they cost me $1.00 a bag.
Nom. Nom. Nom.

I also picked up 4 x 1lb. blocks of mozzarella on sale for $1.99 each.
Good price as these are usually $6.49 each.

A 1.67lb. piece of Atlantic Salmon on sale for $7.99 lb.
That came to $13.34 for the whole piece after discount and will yield us 4-5 large helpings.

And 1.23 lbs. of fresh ground turkey on clearance for $2.52.
That came out to $2.05 lb. and usually retails for $3.99 lb. in the stores here so about half what we pay reg. retail here.(Of course I only buy it if it goes on clearance....lol)

Subtotal of $40.73-$9 in Qs=$31.73-$8 Cats from previous transaction=$23.73-$2.11 SENIOR CITIZEN Discount the Cashier spontaneously gave me without asking me if I was one!lolz=$21.62 + .06 tax=$21.68 OOP.
Regular retail on this stuff was $70.99.

Some of it I only bought because I had a coupon and it was on sale and it didn't cost much.  We've never had that Dole soup so for .50¢ will give it a try.
.97¢ for a bottle of 100% juice is a great price.  .66¢ for laundry detergent, .49¢ for cleaners and pasta for .66¢ are worth picking up as well at that low price.

I spent $44.35 total on $131.36 of groceries.

Now I am down to 3 items left on my grocery list to pick up tomorrow on my regular grocery shopping day--green chiles, trout and clams. 
Then there is the Rite-Aid run......of course! lolz

I had a pleasant day out and didn't spend it sitting on the internet in the house like usual and got me some dealz.

Have you found any good deals where you are this week?




  1. my trees are just beginning to turn.

    my weis has campbell's chunky soup 8/$8 and I have 2 $1 coupons, so I get 8/$6. WIN! spouse likes to take them for work lunches.

    I have a shop rite down here too, but it's not the cleanest store in town.

    of course, I can't beat my aldi for super low prices! :)

    1. Hey anne marie,
      Weis also has that boneless pork tenderloin under $2 lb deal again this week!

  2. Sometimes just getting out of this town is worth the gas to drive through the country. Finding the bargains is a bonus. I went to two small towns north of me and took the state highway instead of the interstate. There was less country and a string of small towns. I thought about stopping at several antique/junk shops, but I still hurt from my fall Saturday, plus I had an appointment to see a doctor. back here.

    I have heard of corn soup and corn jelly. Only the cob is used for those. Neither have corn kernels. I wonder how the corn soup will be.

    How did you like the Oreo Cookie Dough cookies? Of course, you may be saving that for its own post because it was so good.

  3. Wow, you found some really great deals! Way to go!!

  4. Wow! Another great store that we don't have here. I guess I'll stick with Aldi's for certain things...

  5. I ran a deal at CVS the other day. They suckered me in with a $5off $25.
    You always do such a great job!

  6. hope this isn't a duplicate...

    Sluggy- you are such a coupon pro...especially at RiteAid.
    Do you have or can you do a tips post for Rite Aid? I'm getting into their coupon game...and I'm saving an average of 50-70% each trip. Any advice?

    1. Heather,
      Thanks for leaving a comment.
      If you go to this post....
      ....I explain the basics of Rite-Aid shopping. Basically my advice in general is to wait until there is a sale, coupons to combine and a reward(+Ups)and then stock up on the product you need.
      If you have specific questions on anything Rite-Aid, just post a comment on that Tutorial post and I'll respond.


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