Monday, October 20, 2014

Just to Be Mean

Lookie at my massive Morning Glory vines in the corner of my back garden......

I don't even plant these anymore.
They just grow back from seeds dropped on the ground from the plants the previous Fall.

If you want to know why this is a mean, "rub it in your face" post, just see Sonya Ann's post today.




  1. I saw her post and as soon as I saw flowers, I knew they were for Sonya. Hey, Sonya, my neighbors morning glories spill over my back fence. So, I don't even have to plant or depend on volunteers. I do curse them, though. They are with the wisteria.

  2. d.ANG woman! Those are beautiful!!!

  3. You evil woman - just be careful the next time you go see her, there might just be something "special" in your drink :)

  4. Pretty, pretty!

    Peace <3


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