Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Still Hobbling Around" Edition......

Look at all those ripe tomatoes still on my plants!  I wish I could get out there and pick them so I can can them.....sigh.....

 Here's what was planned last week--

Sunday--Leftovers (I had my leftover Chinese Food.)
Monday--Leftover London Broil cut thin for beef hoagies(with caramelized onions and melted provolone cheese), stir fried Green Beans
Tuesday--Roasted Chicken with Onions & Carrots, Stuffing(for the menfolk), Cranberry "Glop"
Wednesday--Frozen Pizzas(I can have a small piece), Caprese Salad
Thursday--Broccoli Casserole, maybe Pork chops if I can dig them out, Applesauce
Friday--no clue but will probably involve tomatoes and/or green beans lolz

And here's what actually got eaten--

Sunday--Leftovers (I had my leftover Chinese Food.)
Monday--Leftover London Broil cut thin for beef hoagies(with caramelized onions and melted provolone cheese), stir fried Green Beans
Tuesday--Roasted Chicken with Onions & Carrots, Stuffing(for the menfolk), Cranberry "Glop"
Wednesday--Frozen Pizzas(I can have a small piece)
Thursday--I was the only one home for dinner so I made a piece of fish, and green beans.
Friday--BLTs, yet again....lol and Broccoli Casserole
Saturday--Hubs had leftover chicken and broccoli casserole, I had a turkey sandwich and salad.

Through Wednesday was on plan and then the wheels flew off the bus. lol  We didn't get take-out or spend on more groceries at that point, deciding instead to work on eating some leftover and surplus tomatoes and beans and going to the freezer/stockpile to see what we could find.   It all worked out for the best. 8-)

As for food spending last week.....I spent $100.86 on $197.03 worth of groceries at 2 stores and the farm stand.  Actually Hubs spent the $ as I was in no shape to go shopping(except for riding out to the farm).  I have $193.67 remaining of my $400 September food budget with 6 days to go in the month.

As for food waste, nothing last week. 8-))
Leftovers going into this week--still more green beans and tomatoes from the garden.

Here's this week's meal plan---
Sunday--Pork Chops(freezer), Green Beans(garden), leftover Stuffing, Applesauce(from stockpile)
Monday--Dinner at TGIFridays(I had an appetizer and water, Hubs had a burger and iced tea.)
Tuesday--Roast Chicken(freezer), Brussel Sprouts(freezer), leftover Applesauce
Wednesday--Halushki(noodles from stockpile, cabbage from farm stand) with Bacon(freezer)
Thursday--Rigatoni w/Meat Sauce(meat from freezer/pasta from stockpile/sauce made from stockpile ingredients), some veggie from the freezer OR Fend for Yourself-not sure which yet
Friday--No plan yet, eating out
Saturday--My brother will probably want to eat at a pizza joint so not sure what I'll get there.

On the shopping list......I cooked a chicken breast for lunchmeat so no deli meat will be bought this week.  What I need to buy to prepare the meals above are a head of cabbage(picked up already at the farm stand).  That's it as I have everything else either in the stockpile or freezer.  I do need to pick up some staples we are out of like cornstarch, vinegar(on sale this week), yogurts for me(on sale this week), milk and a bag of dog kibble.  I'm still in no position to do a full-on grocery shop so I don't foresee spending more than $25 at the grocery store this week.

That's what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy. 
 What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I'm slowly trying to get back on the meal planning bandwagon, after the move. We're having typical stuff around our house - homemade pizza, tacos, chicken pasta dishes, and a chicken risotto.

  2. We have been eating large salads for dinner with grilled chicken breasts. That is pretty much our menu for the week.:) On occasion we will grab a 5.00 pizza about once a week. But, the salads are helping hubs liver enzymes and other blood work.

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  3. slugmama,
    Did you ever consider using the electric carts to shop in the grocery stores. I have to. After awhile, it is sort of fun! Sadly, there are none in CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or Aldi. The Farmer's Market does not have one either, so I rarely go there anymore.

    1. Linda, My local small grocery doesn't have carts. The Weis has a manual wheelchair with a basket but I haven't ever seen an electric scooter thing at that store. I'd have to go to Walmart to use a scooter but I'd probably have to park so far away from the door to get into the building that it would negate any gain there. It sucks to be impaired in this way, doesn't it? ;-)

      I am hoping that before long I'll be back on my own legs.

    2. Oh, too bad. I have had the temporary hang tag from the mirror. Now, I have the doctor's signature to get a handicapped tag. Your doctor can give you the temporary hang tag. They can say how long it is good for. That would help. Take all the help there is.

      It has been awhile, so maybe just getting the temporary hang tag might be a good idea. At least, you would be eligible for close parking even when there is no electric cart. I did not realize your town was that small. There are seven places in the city limit with electric carts and about three more within a few miles from here.

      I just have to hobble in half a dozen other places I want to enter. Yes, it sucks.

    3. I have the handicap parking hangtag already and have used it for my other usual problem. There is so little close handicap parking at our Walmart that it's always full, unless I hike up there in the middle of the night and the area it's in is not somewhere I want to be in the middle of the night unfortunately. But thanks for the thought. 8-)

  4. I have had a devil of a time with this post so if I have already posted the same thing 7 different ways please, Oh Please just delete me ...To continue....

    Because of you I have been diligent in tracking our food spending this month. It is shocking!!!! With 6 days left I have already spent $416.

    In my defense I must say that during this month I did come across some really good deals and stocked up on some items. ($2.89 lb fish, .47 lb chicken, Gnocchi $2.99 Kg, $1/each pineapple, 2/$1 Kale, 3/$1 Avocados $4.59 lb shrimp .(both the avocados and shrimp were small)

    So far, my analysis of my spending shows that I shop entirely too often! Not counting Costco and you probably know how that place can grab you and go out of control in a New York minute,The most I spent in one store was $30.56 at Trader Joe's.

    As long as I am being honest. Tomorrow is our trash day so this afternoon I have cleaned the fridge. Waste? Way, Way WAY too much ....Just to stay accountable here is a list....... 1/2 of a Costco industrial sized bag of spinach, 3 zucchini, 3 Mediterranean cucumbers, 1/2 half a bag of cute little baby mixed peppers. 1 head of romaine. two flour tortillas, 3 hamburger buns. 2 hard-boiled eggs. I buy with good intentions but produce seems to get away from me.

    Continuing down the honest trail I probably should mention that my total food expenditures also don't include alcohol. John and I both imbibe way too much.BUT Fortunately we are cheap dates...John drinks boxed wine and I have a relationship with two-buck-Chuck.

    I have my blinders off and am looking forward to having a better grasp of my spending in the coming months. BUT ......Damn it here come the holidays! Do you realize that CHRISTMAS is only 92 days away?

    1. **Sluggy puts her fingers in her ears and sings LALALALA loudly and ignores that you just said Christmas is 92 days away.** lolz

      We also don't include alcohol in the food budget as it goes in the Entertainment category.
      Good for you for tracking the food spending and being honest about the food waste!

      We use to throw out so much food before I started acknowledging it was happening. Just this past weekend, I found a partial box of Cap'n Crunch on the fridge that I had bought as a treat for #2 Son. He hadn't finished the box and now it was stale. I suggested he make French Toast and use the crumbled up cereal to coat the toast(something we have done before). It used up the stale cereal, gave the French Toast a crispy crunchy coating and tasted like the cereal. A win-win!!

    2. Janet,
      I spent so much during ten days of bargains that now, I am buying nothing because I even have three gallons of milk, five chunks of cheese, lots of vegetables to eat and dehydrate. So, I will spend maybe $10 this week. Buying the bargains is still a good idea, but you obviously are going to cut down overall.

  5. You sure have figured out the right location and feeding/watering for those tomatoes! Wow they are loaded.
    I hope you have a neighbor or friend who can pick and use them, if you aren't able to get to them before they fall off.

    1. FD, This has been the BEST year for tomatoes I have ever had! I just wish I knew why.....lol
      I'll get my son out there to pick them if I have to as I don't plan to waste all that effort we put into them, ya know? The neighbor took some this past weekend but I need him to get some more I think.

  6. Such pretty tomato plants! As for me... well, I guess I lucked out. No more sausage for me as the local fire dept is having their fund raiser, which means baked chicken and potatoes! I ordered two, which should last me for 3 days. I'll have them with lots of frozen veggies. How I love frozen veggies.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I wish I could come pick those tomatoes for you!!!!


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