Monday, July 8, 2013

This Week on The Dining Table

 Let's get to it.....

Here's what was planned last week--

Sunday--Beef Stroganoff over Rice, Salad
Monday--Chinese takeout as Hubs is out of town(comes out of entertainment budget, not food)
Tuesday--Chicken Enchiladas(using pepper strips and chicken from freezer)
Wednesday--Not sure, 2 of us might be out of town for the day..Hubs will make pasta or have leftovers.....if we don't go, Quiche(using up half & half)most probably will be served and squash.
Thursday--Cook-Out(if the weather cooperates)-not sure what yet beyond dogs and burgers.
Friday--Red Robin(#1 Son's birthday meal he requested)(entertainment budget, not food)
Saturday--Beef Stroganoff over Rice of Chicken Enchiladas leftovers, Brussel Sprouts
Everything was served as planned except for Wednesday #1 Son and I didn't have an adventure so I made Squash Casserole and Quiche(which was the backup plan).
It was a big spend grocery week here.  I spent $91.67 on $160.52 worth of groceries at 3 stores last week.  
This means I have $308.33 left in my food budget for the rest of July.
Going into this week the leftovers that remain are--2/3 of a quiche, at least 2 servings of Stroganoff, 1 Enchilada, half a crockpot of chili, hot dog and burger rolls, chicken breast(I didn't use all of it to make the Enchiladas last week)and some boxes of previously frozen veggies(had to be put in the fridge when the freezer died, so they need to be used this week).
(I've made bold the leftover items I've used in the menu below.)

 Here's this week's meal plan--
Sunday--Leftovers(Quiche or Enchiladas)
Monday--Hot Dogs(on leftover buns)w/Chili or Burritos w/Chili
Tuesday--Chicken Salad Sandwiches, boxed veggie
Wednesday--Eating out after taking #2 to camp
Thursday--Mushroom Parmesan, Salad
Friday--Probably more leftovers
Saturday--Salmon, Coleslaw, boxed veggie

I don't have room in the freezer to throw any leftovers so we have to use them up this week, so the order of what's eaten when may change(except for Wed.'s meal) or some dish made new this week may be superseded by a leftover.

On the shopping list so far--Portabella Mushroom caps, Salad Greens, Cabbage(for coleslaw), potatoes, peaches, orange juice, turkey breast lunchmeat, tomatoes, maybe bread.  I might also pick up some canned tomatoes this week as they are on sale for $1 can.  Canned tomatoes, potatoes and OJ not needed this week but at a stock up price.
I'm figuring about $38 with the canned tomatoes for groceries this week.

That's what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy.

 What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?


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