Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Week on the Dining Table

It's the "Oldest Son home for 6 days & We need to eat down all this frozen food since the new freezer died" Week.

 Let's get to it.....


Here's what was planned last week--

Sunday--Grilled Steak, Tossed Salad
Monday--Leftovers or BLTs
Tuesday--Crab cakes, stuffed clams, green beans
Wednesday--Breakfast for Dinner use eggs
Thursday--Grilled Hot Dogs on Rolls, Beans, Mixed Veggies
Friday-Something Chicken in the Crockpot with Veggies and Rice
Saturday--maybe Take-Out since #1 Son is due in that evening
Things went as planned until Thursday evening when I discovered the brand new freezer had shit the bed.....are you tired of me harping on this blasted appliance deal yet?  I know I am.....
Friday and Saturday were a free-for-all of "eat what I can't cram in the freezer and will go bad after a couple days in the fridge" Nights.  Not very good for my waistline but we survived it.
And #1 Son didn't come home Saturday; he came home on Sunday.

I spent $20.25 on $29.30 worth of groceries at a single store last week.   Some fresh produce, fruit and #2 Son wanted a frozen pizza.
Total spent in June was a whopping $280.74, so I had $119.26 leftover in my food budget.
Going into this week the leftovers that remain are--1 hot dog roll and half a container of half & half.
Because of the freezer, I had to cook up about 6 pounds of steak.....sniff, sniff......
I made a big batch of stroganoff and a crockpot of chili with it all.  The chili will be for the kids to eat for lunch and/or snacks this week.
It won't be a 'usual' week for us in the dinner category, as the oldest is home so that warrants some eating out and cooking things he likes(meaning lots of meat meals).
(I've made bold the leftover items I've used in the menu below.)

 Here's this week's meal plan--
Sunday--Beef Stroganoff over rice, Salad
Monday--Chinese takeout as Hubs is out of town(comes out of entertainment budget, not food)
Tuesday--Chicken Enchiladas(using pepper strips and chicken from freezer)
Wednesday--Not sure, 2 of us might be out of town for the day..Hubs will make pasta or have leftovers.....if we don't go, Quiche(using up half & half)most probably will be served and squash.
Thursday--Cook-Out(if the weather cooperates)-not sure what yet beyond dogs and burgers.
Friday--Red Robin(#1 Son's birthday meal he requested)(entertainment budget, not food)
Saturday--Beef Stroganoff over rice or Chicken Enchiladas leftovers, Brussel Sprouts
(Sunday next will be whichever leftover we don't have on Saturday too, along with some veggies. lol)

On the shopping list so far--Monterey Jack & Swiss cheese, fruit, eggs, squash and corn, rolls, chips, ground beef for the cook-out so far.
I've got my $400 food budget for July available and ready to start spending.

That's what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy.

 What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Did they replace or refund you for the freezer and the spoiled food? I think I might've missed that.

    I've been no/low carb for so long, I can't even remember how to exactly prepare it. I think I'll most likely make some sort of pasta dish today, as my first day cooking for people other than myself or my family. Can't go wrong with pasta... right? Beef Stroganoff sounds great, though waaaay too advanced for me right now!

    1. Update on the freezer story later tomorrow or tonight.

      Stroganoff is not really hard to make, even for beginners as long as you have a crockpot.
      Super ez in a crockpot.

  2. You are good with this freezer cliff-hanger! how are negotiations with HD coming along?

    I am going to make lasagna for the first time ever.

    1. Update on the Tales of the Freezer coming as soon as I have a chance to type it out.

      And I can't believe you have NEVER made lasagna before....but then again, I am married to an Italian American...lol

    2. I just eat it. I will even eat frozen lasagna, cheap frozen lasagna. It's a good thing I came back here. I had already forgotten that I was going to make lasagna. A 15 minute nap wiped my memory clean. I could have slept longer, but I don't want to sleep from 4:30 to 10:30 pm. I just have to figure out how to make lasagna.

  3. I'm so sorry about your freezer! We had that happen too, twice. It's not good when the topper of your cake has been refrozen twice from your wedding... We didn't even taste it on our first anniversary. Is that bad? Are we doomed?

    1. Well if your cake topper debacle hasn't doomed you in the last 20+ years of marriage I think you are going to be ok.... ;-)

  4. Oh, it sucks about the freezer! But I bet the oldest will appreciate all this steak :)

  5. I'd be right steamed about the freezer as well... !! This week we're flying by the seat of our pants.. hubby wanted taco's for his birthday dinner tonight, so tacos & cake it was! lol! I should make some sort of plan for the rest of the week then do a nice grocery shopping on the weekend & start fresh. Bad week.


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