Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All I Am Going To Say On This

While I have stayed out of the blogger fray on this Zimmerman/Martin Shooting and Trial until now I will share some of my thoughts with you all here.
Feel free to move along and not read this if you can't help letting emotions cloud your powers of reasoning.

It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks happened or didn't happen in those 2-4 minutes that are unaccounted for in the timeline of this incident. The only ones who truly "know" what transpired and in what order are Messrs. Zimmerman and Martin.  Ultimately the state of their immortal souls is between their individual consciences and their makers(if they believe in one).

I believe cases like these, which are labeled racial incidents but aren't necessarily so, are used to push certain politic groups agendas forward and these groups really don't give two farts about the actual humans involved and what the resulting Trial Circus does to their lives.

And the trying in the court of public opinion and the media only serves to divide our country as a nation.  But that is how the Powers That Be keep control over us all, by diverting our attention and separating we, the people, from each other and thus dissipating our group power.

If the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton truly cared for their "people", where is the outrage over the thousands of African American youths that have been killed in the time since this highly publicized deemed "racial" killing occurred, African American youths who have been killed by other African Americans in their own racial community?
I think rapper Lupe Fiasco said it best in his tweet....."Yeah gimme that anger...once again that rage...that misguided angst when you true enemy is your own complacency and cowardice.".

Our lives are all about the choices we make.  As PF bloggers you all know that if you are in a bad place with money, it isn't only because of bad luck or for no reason.  Primarily, you make your own luck in life by the choices you make throughout your life.  Sure, a fluke thing can happen to throw your finances into a tailspin but it's all those decisions you have made, all those little, seemingly insignificant and "unrelated to any other choices" decisions you made, that pile up year after year which had formed the path on which you are now trodding into your financial future.

Life is about personal responsibility.

And much like the financial decisions you make over the course of a lifetime, you make other non-financial decisions too that have led you to where you are today in life in all aspects of that life.

This article HERE sets the Martin/Zimmerman incident on it's ear, by presenting that while this shooting was what many call tragic and certainly a needless waste of human life, that it could have possibly been avoided or drastically altered by the actions and decisions made by, Trayvon's parents and Trayvon himself.

By making the personal life decisions that they did, shouldn't his parents be held accountable for forging the path that led to a drugged up 17 yr. old gang member from a broken home in the first place?
The fact that his parents didn't put this kid's needs in life ahead of their own wants and desires speaks volumes about them in particular and about our society as a whole.
Kids are not throw about objects that you have just because you can and only take care of when it's convenient for you and the life you lead.

I know "the system", since it is run by fallible humans with their own issues, to an extent is still rigged against certain classes of citizens, but you can't blame "the man" for all your failings and ills in life and take no responsibility for what befalls you.  Sure, you may have more challenges in life than the next guy/gal due to who your parents are or what socio-economic class you/they are from, but many in our world have risen above challenges and by making those little choices, one heaped upon the other, have built lives that honor themselves and their families.  I can cite you volumes of  cases of "the world was against them but they rose above their situation" people.

I feel for both families of Messrs. Martin and Zimmerman.
But I want to tell them maybe instead of looking to other's faults we should be looking within at our own hearts and the place of personal responsibility in our lives for that justice  that they feel is still eluding them.

God speed George Zimmerman.
Rest in peace Trayvon Martin.



  1. You're forgetting Travis Smiley. Now, that's one angry, misguided man who has his own show on PBS and spews out such hateful rhetoric, it's obscene.

    I went to a 90% black college back in the 1970's and I think we had better relationships then than we do now. The biggest divider and offender today, in my opinion, is Obama. To make a statement that Martin was 'his son' without knowing all the facts was preposterous. Attorney General, Eric Holder has his own personal agenda and axe to grind. What a sad, sad commentary for life in America today. Instead of moving forward, we're back in the 1950's.
    The FBI investigated this case and found no racial bias. Now, there is pressure on the Federal govt to do the same. Holder will get the same result and be embarrassed to kingdom come.
    Zimmerman is half hispanic, half white yet people focus on the white part. Obama is half black, half white. Why isn't he treated the same, with the focus on white?
    It's amazing that despite it all, in the famous words of Rodney King, why can't we all just get along????? When????? Enough!!!!!!

    When are we all just going to be American citizens?

  2. Amen. I agree there are more problems now. I grew up in Dekalb County in GA in the 70s. I am not saying there were no problems but they were minimal in comparisom. Why? Because almost without exception black and white kids I knew were in 2 parent homes where the parents worked. And there was discipline not excuses and holding others responsible. We need to take back the home.angela

  3. Aye... it's a waste of two lives, really. Zimmerman will never hear the end of it, and Trayvon can never return. As you, I have some opinions, but can only shake my head at other people's reactions. Everyone should be "gray" so they can stop using a race/color card. That's what ticks me off the most.


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