Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Rare Occurance...Enjoy The View While You Can!

I can't believe I forgot to mention this before now!

Lookie at the view out my front door I've had all week.....

If you are new here and you have no clue why I am showing a picture of my neighborhood, looking down the street, here is what is usually parked across the street from my house.....

We call it the "Behemoth".
Well that is the polite thing we call it.


No clue how long I can continue to bask in not having that eyesore parked there.
But I'll enjoy it however long it lasts.

I got nothing against having a huge ass travel trailer.
Just don't park it in your driveway all year, especially if your driveway is barely long enough for it.



  1. Yesterday, something made me think of this eyesore, and I wondered what happened to it. Now, I know!

    1. Linda, the thing sits there all year, outside of the 1 or 2 weeks they take it elsewhere and actually use it.
      If you ever get to wondering where it is, just figure it's here, sitting across from my front porch. lol

  2. Check your county zoning ordinances. And your CC&Rs if you have them in your neighborhood. Most of the time, you aren't allowed to have RVs and campers visible in the front yard, which this one clearly is. (I regularly report the junk car idiot on the corner who regularly parks disabled vehicles in his front yard. Most counties are pretty UP on code violations.)

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks for the idea Jay. Because of your prompting, I went to look online(I did this years ago but couldn't find any zoning laws for my township)and where I live has finally put together a big ol' zoning ordinance document.
      I think I found where he'd have to move that behemoth every 6 months according to the regs.
      Of course they don't really enforce any regs. around here unless someone complains.
      Hubs doesn't think I should complain because, as he said, people living in glass houses shouldn't rhrow stones. Our swimming pool "might" be a little too close to our property line according to the regs. I just found. ;-)

  3. The HOA in our neighborhood prohibits parking anything of this scale on your property. Most people have gates that would allow such a vehicle to be pulled into a side of back yard but if it is visible from the sidewalk it is still a no-no.

    1. No HOA here, thankfully. I'd rather not have the added headache of the "house Nazis" like we had in our last neighborhood(which was a gated community).
      I guess if that thing annoyed me enough I'd complain to the knuckleheads that run our township.
      But I guess it's much more fun to bitch about least it gives me something to do when things get too boring around here. lol

  4. heheh...while I'm on you're side, my own hubs would LOVE the idea...?!!! Thankfully, we apartment-live in urbania and...he has no interest in blogs!!! Seriously!!! One look at that and it'd be "isn't that great??!!!" ;o)

    1. I'm with your Hubs here....I'd LOVE to own one of those behemoths(maybe a smaller version cuz that one is too big for my purposes).
      I just don't want it parked across the street from me year round.
      I figure it they have enough $ to buy and maintain something like that, they should be able to afford to store it somewhere when not in use, if they don't have a large enough piece of property of their own on which to store it out of sight. YKWIM?


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