Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blathering On A Blah Day

Just lots of dull going on today here at Chez Sluggy.
My.....since I AM the Queen of Boring anyway, how boring is a dull day for me?

Pretty darn boring I'd say.

Just the usual suspects today......washing dishes, cooking, a little vacuuming, waiting on dogs hand and foot.....or would that be paw and hoof?.....some blog reading/writing, email answering and bubble land playing.
Oh yes, and writing a big check to the Daughter for her rent, health insurance and books the upcoming semester of college.
Writing big checks are no fun.
Receiving big checks on the other hand, are lots of fun. 8-)  But there is none of that going on here today, though the Hubs paycheck hits the bank account later today....just in time for me to pay the last of the July bills.
Oh joy.....yes, the excitement never ends around here.

Tonight is Project Runway viewing.  I hope Timothy(Mr. "I Don't Use Sewing Machines Because They Use Electricity" Faux Environmentalist)gets the axe tonight.  Such a phony.....
But then again it would be fun to have him around making trouble and giving the other Designers reasons to roll their eyes.

The "big" project I am currently working on is going through my fabric stash.  I am separating out what I am keeping to use and the rest is getting photographed, measured and put into my Etsy store later this Summer.

I'll post about this project later next month.

As for bringing in some extra cash, I put about 10 books up on Amazon last week and actually sold 2 already.
Go me!

The weather the past 2 days has been WONDERFUL!  It's been cooler & less humid and I haven't had to run the a/c at all.
And last night it was downright chilly.  Somewhere in the 50's and I needed a blanket on the bed.

And my post last week about Germany's fascination with me and David Hasselhoff?  Well it looks like I jinxed my stats with it, because shortly afterwards that 1 person in Germany who kept visiting my blog daily about 20,000 times seems to have stopped visiting here.
Yes, my audience numbers have fallen dramatically and audience geographical locations percentages are now normal-ish.
It was fun while it lasted......

I hope you feel better soon Linda.
And I was just thinking about missing "Udy with a J" and Jane's blogs.  Jane is probably off in the wilds of P.E.I. right about now, enjoying her summer with Michael.  I know she doesn't have internet service out there at her cottage so if you are in P.E.I. tell Jane I said "hi".

Ok, off to do other things now.



  1. I too spend an inordinate amount of time servicing the dog. And she doesn't seem to love me any more than her daddy for it either....

  2. Sorry you got dumped by Germany.


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