Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday is Here......Whoop-de-doo!

In celebration of Super Tuesday here is an explanation of how the current crop of Bozos in Washington think and how we should all be saying, "WTF drug are they all on?!?!"......
Did they all flunk out of Home Ec101 in high school?  Oh wait.....being mostly MEN they were trying to be cool, playing motorheads in the school Shop class while "handling your finances" was being taught.

What this country needs is to send a whole mess of us frugal, budgeting homemakers to Washington DC.
Not only would we balance the budget and end the deficit, but we'd cook everyone a really nice meal and send them home with leftovers.

Let's start by putting the lot of them into the "time out corner" for not playing nice with each other.



  1. Wow looked like my budget a few years ago. Okay not that bad, the banks stopped me. Now who will stop them? It won't be the banks they can do what they want and get rewarded.

  2. I know a few that really need the time out chair RIGHT NOW!

  3. I saw this before and it pissed me off. I end up homeless if I do my budget like them. MORONS!

  4. It's sad and bad all at the same time. And it pisses me off that they have so much control and we are the ones who suffer.


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