Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is getting to be like a Where's Waldo thing.
Judy's blog is missing....again!

And yes, we love her more than the Shamwow! Guy.....lol

I just shot off a second email to Judy of "Finally Frugal and Happy" blog and of the dear departed "We May Be Poor But We Are Happy" blog as well.

If you have probably noticed, Judy's blog is MIA on Blogger.
And from the people commenting on my blog looking for her, I don't know yet what happened to her.

If she doesn't answer my emails I'll send her a snail mail.  She's a bit too far for me to just drive down to Philly and show up on her doorstep.......NOT that I am not tempted to do so.....!

I'll updated when I get word so don't panic yet.



  1. I hope she gets back to you. I love udy with a "J"!

  2. Where's Judy, Judy,Judy.............


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