Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday & Tuesday at Rite-Aid.....Building my Rebate Totals

Well I screwed this trip up!lol

I went Sunday because I knew the Pampers wipes would be GONE very quickly due to the $2/1 Q in the inserts that day plus I wanted to pick up a couple of extra papers so why not buy enough to use a $5/$20 Q on my order and that papers would help me get to $20.  I was hopefully that I'd get there early enough to find some Blink Drops still on the shelf(to get the full price SCRebate).
I also wanted to use a BOGO Old Spice Q from the last P&G insert, since the Old Spice and Gillette Qs in that one don't expire until 6/30 and Old Spice products are on sale this week at Rite-Aid.
What I wanted to do was get some Old Spice Body Wash that was on sale along with the Deodorants for 2 for $7.00.  These qualify for the $4 UP+ reward(it prints on your receipt and is like a CVS Extra Care Buck) and I "thought" both the Wash and Deodorant would qualify for SCR #101(Spend $25 on P&G/Get $5 Gift Card).
Let's see the trip first and then I'll finish the story, shall we?

3x Pampers Wipes on sale $2.49=$7.47
2 x Newspapers $1.50 w/Wellness 20% discount $1.20=$2.40     *Not Pictured*
2 x Old Spice Body Wash on sale $3.50=$7.00
1 x Aveeno Lotion $3.69--w/Wellness 20% discount=$2.95

Coupons Used
1 x $5/$20 Rite-Aid AdPerks/VV IPQ=$5.00
3 x $2/1 Pampers Wipes ManuQ=$6.00
1 x BOGO Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash or Deo ManuQ=$3.50
1 x $3/1 Aveeno Lotion RA In-Ad Q=$3.00
Coupon Total.....$17.50

$19.82-$17.50=$2.32 OOP put on Free Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO Out of Pocket in the end
And I received a $4 +Up Reward(for the Old Spice)
The $2.95 Aveeno purchase counts toward my $50 needed for SCR#555(total so far is $19.51/$50.00).

First off they were out of Blink, so I DID need those newspapers to get to a $20 purchase.  YET....I didn't think I'd get the 20% discount off the papers, nor did I plan for that.....thus I was short at the register.  Neither the cashier or myself noticed the shortfall and he took the $5/$20 Q anyway.  You KNOW I would have grabbed something small to get over the $20 mark if I had been aware that was happening at that time. ;-)
My other goof-up I didn't notice until Tuesday when I was working up my next trip and going through the coupons here.  That's also when I noticed that the Body Wash doesn't qualify for the SCR#101(P&G products), just the Old Spice Deodorants do!
The Old Spice BOGO Q I had used on Sunday was NOT BOGO Red Zone Body Wash or Deodorant.  Nope....if you actually READ IT, it says Buy any TWO Body Wash or RED ZONE Deodorant Get ONE BODY SPRAY FREE. have to buy THREE items and you get the 3rd Free.  I only bought TWO and neither of them were a Body Spray.
The thing is.....the coupon went through(otherwise the cashier and I would have noticed the problem then) didn't come up "item not found" or whatever the register displays when you try to use a coupon and don't buy the right item.  They were the right type/brand of product(Red Zone)and the register took the coupon when I bought 2 items & not 3.
Oh well.....

So after realizing what I actually have to buy to use the Old Spice Qs, I went back to Rite-Aid on Tuesday....

2 x Old Spice FRESH COLLECTION Deodorant on sale $4=$8.00
1 x Blink Tears on sale=$7.99  Yay!...they restocked!!
1 x Reach 2 pack of Toothbrushes on sale=$3.99
1 x Rembrandt Toothpaste $8.29! w/Wellness 20% discount=$6.63

Coupons Used
1 x $5/$20 Rite-Aid AdPerks/VV IPQ=$5.00
1 x BOGO Old Spice Fresh Coll. Deodorant ManuQ=$4.00  Yes, I READ this one!lol
1 x $1/2 any Old Spice Product ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $2/1 Blink Tears IPQ=$2.00
1 x $1/1 2pack Reach Toothbrush ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $3/1 Rembrandt Product ManuQ=$3.00
1 x $3/1 Rembrandt Product AdPerk/VV IPQ=$3.00
1 x $1/$10 Oral Care Purchase Wellness IPQ=$1.00
Coupon Total....$20.00

$26.61-$20.00=$6.61 OOP put on free Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO Out of Pocket
Qualified for SCR #81(2 Old Spice Fresh Collection Deos)$2 & #89(1 Reach 2pack Toothbrushes)$3 & #1(Blink Tears )$7.99=$12.99

While the Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorants qualify for SCR #81 AND they should qualify for #101(spend $25 on P&G includes Old Spice Deos.), they do NOT give you the $4 +Up Reward....just the Red Zone in the Deos. give you that.(The Red Zones DO qualify for SCR#101, but do NOT qualify for SCR#81.)
Are you confused yet?lol

I want to finish off my SCR#555(Skin Care-Buy $50/Get $25 Gift Card) by buying a pricey Neutrogena Clinical item.  It's $39.99(IF I can find a store that has it!lol)and with the 20% Wellness Disc. my price will be $31.99, which is enough to get me over $50 in purchases.  I have $16 in Qs to use toward that $31.99($5 in-Ad Q, $5 off on $20 purchase AdPerks/VV Q, $5/1 Neutrogena Clinical IPQ & $1/$10 Skin Care Wellness IPQ=$16). 
So my $31.99 purchase will be $15.99.  To bring it down further I have the $4 +Up Reward to use as well, making the total spent $11.99.
And there is a Mail-In Rebate on the Neutrogena Clinical for $15.00 making this purchase FREE(with $3.01 in overage) after rebate plus I get the $25 Gift Card from Rite-Aid.

The Rembrandt is a good deal as well all this month IF you qualify for a Wellness discount.  There is a AdPerks/VV Q for $3/1 Rembrandt you can pair with either the old ManuQ still valid out there(use by 6/30/10) for $3/1 OR the $3/1 Rembrandt IPQ from the Rembrandt website.  With no Wellness discount, on the toothpaste you'll pay $2.29(at my store's price anyway), with a 10% discount you'll pay $1.46 but with the 20% discount you'll only pay $.63!  If you buy 2 in the same transaction be sure to use the $1/$10 Oral Care Wellness IPQ for another dollar off.  Buy 2 with the 5 Qs you can use(2 x AdPerks/2 x Manu or IPQ/1 x Wellness IPQ=$13 off)and with the 20% discount level you'll pay .26¢ for TWO TUBES! (2 x $6.63=$13.26-$13 in Qs=$.26)

My Rite-Aid Totals so far this month......
Number of Transactions.....3
Total Spent....$11.60--all put on free Gift Cards so ZERO  OOP
Total Value of Items Purchased....$96.01
SCR qualified for....$17.99 (working on #555 & #101 also for gift cards, not cash)

Even without my gift cards to pay, I have $6.39 in overage so far this month.



  1. Great job! I haven't gone to Walgreen's since I have been on this trip. It hurts a little.

  2. I know what you mean SonyaAnn....I miss my regular routine when I'm on vacation too...not that I've had one of those in awhile or

  3. Nice transactions!! I haven't actually gone into Rite Aid at all this month - I'm seriously going through withdrawal... but your posts help :)


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