Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rite-Aid Coupon Changes.....HEADS UP!

If you are a Rite-Aid shopper who utilizes all the various coupons, programs, rewards they offer, you NEED  to read this!

Rite-Aid has changed up the game.
Those AdPerks/Value Videos you watch to earn coupons?
About the Bonus $5 off $20 Purchase AdPerks Coupon.....don't bother printing that one more than once per month anymore.
Rite-Aid has changed that coupon.  Now it is linked to your Wellness Card and has a unique serial number on each one that can be tracked when it is used.
Once you use it, that's it.  You can't print multiples and use them. 1 of this coupon per account.  The registers are now programmed at Rite-Aid to give a message to the cashier that this coupon has been redeemed already if you try to use it more than once.

For now, all the other AdPerks/Value Video Coupons are NOT this way, with a trackable unique serial number.  In case you never noticed before these AdPerks/VV coupon serial numbers all end in the date of expiration.....ie--the ones that expire June 30th end in 63010, the ones that are set to expire July 24th end in 72410. 

Reports are that if you printed out your Bonus $5 off $20 coupon that expires 7/24/10 earlier this month there is NO unique serial number.  Rite-Aid made the change sometime during June so the early birds will be able to use all their prints.

While this sure throws a monkey wrench into all the die-hard Rite-Aid shoppers plans(not to mention the dread that blackened their hearts) this is NOT the end of the Rite-Aid Shopping World dear readers!

First off, if you have a Wellness card/account, your spouse or SO can also apply/get an account and set up their own AdPerks viewing account.  By doing this, you go from access to 1 Bonus $5 off $20 Purchase coupon to 2 per month.

The last couple of months, there have been 2 $5 off $X Purchase coupons available in the AdPerks program.  The Bonus $5 off $20 as well as a $5 off $25 when you watch the Wellness video.
So now you are up to 4 $5 off $X Purchase coupons.

Often Rite-Aid will release a $5 off $X Purchase coupon through REDPLUM &/or COUPONS dotcom.
You can print these coupons generally twice per computer, so that give you potential for 4 more $5 off $X coupons per month if you have access to 1 computer/printer set-up and both sites offer it in that month.
If you have multiple computers accessible to you, count on 2 more of this coupon per month when offered.

And though they haven't offered a PDF $5 off $X Purchase this year, Rite-Aid has in the past and there is always hope that they offer that again.

So while you will have to be more resourceful in the future finding these $5 off $X Purchase coupons, they are still a viable option.


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  1. Ahhhhh, fooey! But good to know - thank you for posting this. I guess I'm not terribly surprised that the RA honchos are closing this loophole after watching them up the wellness Qs (to $1/$10) after the national roll-out.

    It looks like I printed mine enough in advance that I've sneaked under the wire for the $5/$20s expiring on 7/24. Now I'll be more determined than ever to take advantage of them - LOL!

    Thank you, also, for pointing out that an SO or spouse can get a second card. Maybe I'll keep DH around after all ;)


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