Saturday, May 6, 2023

April To-Do List Outcome

 Let's see what got done and what didn't in April at Chez Sluggy........


*  Pay Bills  DONE  Everything was paid on time or early.

*  Go to 1 Dr. Appointment  DONE  Well "WE" were there but the doctor was not due to catching Covid. lol

*  Do and File Taxes x 1  DONE  Hubs did them and we sent them off with what we owed the state of Louisiana.

*  Clean and Organize Stuff in House  PASS  This is still a work in progress.  We still have tubs in the garage to move and sort through.  I have given up hope of ever seeing my kitchen cookware lids, my pasta roller, my food processor, the cord and pedal to my serger and the base to my iron again. sigh.  I have almost got my sewing room and supplies finished being set up(aside from the serger and iron stuff that's MIA).  The wall of closets in the master bath is done.

Basically this is our linen closet.

The top shelf/doors are for miscellaneous items like Bi-Pap supplies, heating pad, etc.

There is no place in the guest bath for towels. washcloths, etc. except under the vanity/sink so it's all got to go in here unless we have company and need something else in that bathroom that needs using.  Man, do I miss my huge upstairs hallway linen closet in PA!

We do have these 6 shelves surrounding the ginormous bathtub.  So far I've but hair products and body wash on these(and my stock of Q-Tips on one of what are empty in these photos after I took these pictures).

I've got a basket of dental stuff in the photo above which won't fit on one of those shelves so I need to find a home for that too.

We also have a long vanity cabinet with 6 drawers and open areas on each end of it.  Hubs and I each have personal stuff in the open area under our respective sinks and we have divvied up the drawers with stuff in use as well as medicines(allergy, cold, etc.)  The bottom drawer is still kind of empty so again, organizing all this is a work in progress.

*  Buy Stuff for House  PASS This item will remain on my list for some time to come as we need to replace so much to make this place livable to our specifications.  Moving is hard and expensive as I've said so many times before.

*  Clean out Inserts/Coupon Envie  DONE  As I have printed so few coupons out this job has become pretty much a non-job. lol

*  Edit More Photos  PASS  It seems I am always editing photos. lol  As the trip is coming up I also need to finish taking old photos off my phone and upload them to my computer that no longer need to be there(I'm looking at you Dec. Cruise and Xmas!).

*  Post about Old Trips  PASS  I worked on a trip post but didn't get it to the point of publishing. sigh

*  Work on Genealogy  DONE  One of my favorite hobbies so I work on this whenever I get the time to.

*  Prioritize Repairs/Improvements  PASS  We've got a list together but as other things pop-up items are getting either bumped up or down(or added)to the list.

*  Organize Clothes  PASS  Still a Work In Progress.  We have gone from "Winter" to "Spring" here.  My Winter clothing never got taken out of the packing cubes where I keep out of season clothing because it's not PA(snow and temps of Zero F anymore).  I need to keep the Winter clothing though for traveling to other climes but unless we are going somewhere cold they will stay in the cube.(Same with coats-they stay in the back of the closet.)  As I lose more weight I am having to shed some too big clothing and did order some smaller size items.  I  still have some shelves I need to organize still in the closet.

*  Find a New Bank  DONE  We set up an account at a credit union and once the transfer of funds into it have cleared we'll cash/deposit that Savings Bond.

*  Cash Savings Bond  FAIL  See above.  But we are making progress on this one. 8-)

Of course this isn't a complete list as the normal "day to day" stuff  isn't on here.  
These are just the projects and setting up housekeeping here things. 
As for outside, I am not ready to do a garden as the yard is a mess and needs so much to get it to the point of having/making a gardening space.  By the time we get back from the trip it will officially be "Hell's Front Porch" weather and I've got surgery to get so the garden is a non-issue this year.

Things are slowly getting to where they need to be but I am impatient.  



  1. That looks like a large linen closet and looks like a huge tub. Good for long soaks. Cindy in the South

  2. I keep hoping you will find your "missing items" in the bins in the garage. During a move, many years ago, I found the missing beaters for my hand mixer packed in a box marked "bathroom". I guess the packers had an empty space in a box and filled it with whatever fit. Go figure! SuzInWa

  3. Boy I hope you find the serger cord and iron base but you could order new ones. I love the bath tub. Happy you bought some smaller size clothes.


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