Friday, March 17, 2023

Frugal Friday.....the March 17th Edition

Welcome to Frugal Friday!   

There are a few Frugal wins this past week......

*  We went to trivia on Monday and we won 2nd place!

Next time drinks at Trivia are free!

*  I don't "do" Ibotta all the time now(I just don't go to the store enough to do all the weekly, weekend and big bonuses).  But I do a few now and again.  On Wednesday my big wins at Kroger were these.....

There was an 80¢ off digital Kroger Q on the Ragu making it $1.39 OOP, the Chili was $1.29 after Kroger Q x5 plus a .50¢ Ibotta rebate making it .79¢ per can(got 5 of those for Hubs), the Kraft salad dressing was $1.29 w/Kroger Q and the Heinz ketchup was $1.79 after a $2.50 Ibotta rebate(limt 2).

I also picked up .99¢ lb. aparagus, $1.19 lb. zucchini and a 1/2 price corned beef which I am cooking tonight.

*  I've cobbled together a pantry in the laundry/utility room using metal wire rack shelving.  The only problem is cans and bottles fall over if not placed just right on the shelves.  Instead of spending $$ for plastic liners they sell for these I cut out cardboard from some of these boxes we used in the move and made liners out of that.

 I found money!

Hubs went to Walmart on Monday and found this penny.

I found this nickel at Kroger on the side of the self-checkout machine.  I also spied a penny at a different machine but someone was using it so I couldn't pick that coin up. 8-(

Total Found in last Week.... .06¢
Total Found this Year....... .66¢ 

That's all for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. No frugal wins here, except for eating leftovers for lunch and dinner. Getting better about the food waste.

  2. Brilliant idea in the cardboard! Looking forward to your continuing posts about your house hunt.
    It was an ordeal for me to get my retirement/current weekend house. I had certain criteria, the main one being cheap! Cheap
    ( translate: Something I could afford) was difficult to find! I also wanted to be very close to an ER due to the life threatening drama I went through with my mom when she was alive. Cindy in the South


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