Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Rare Rite-Aid Run...Updated 9/15/16

So I got my Qs together and hit Rite-Aid on Monday.........

3 x Crest mouthwash(CB's new obsession)on sale $4.99 ea=$14.97
2 x Garnier shampoo on sale $3.49 ea=$6.98
4 x Advil pain relievers BOGO50%=$20.36
1 x GE light bulbs on sale=$7.99
1 x RA shopping bag 20% wellness disc.=.80

Coupons Used
3 x $2/1 Crest mouthwash 500ml or larger IPQ=$6.00
2 x $2/1 Garnier shampoo ManuQ=$4.00
4 x $3/1 Advil 40 ct. or larger IPQ=$12.00
1 x $2/1 GE light bulb IPQ=$2.00
1 x $1/1 RA shopping bag In-AdQ=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$25.00

$51.10-$25.00=$26.10+ .45¢ tax=$26.55 OOP
This should have been my total but a $1.50 Load2Card came off as well so this made my OOP $25.05,  Plenti points were used to pay so nothing OOP.

I think the L2CQ was for the Crest mouthwash.  That would explain why none of the crest Qs I handed over came off and had to be put in manually.

All items except for the shopping bag were part of the "Rake in the Savings" Promo so I qualified for the $20.00 back in Plenti points on this purchase + the light bulb pack gave back $7.99 in Plenti points as well so I spent down $25.05 in PPs and earned back $27.99 in PPs making this a $2.94 moneymaker.

Then I went back and did another transaction on my other card, buying mostly different items(except for the light bulbs and the shopping bag)that still qualified for the "Rake in the Savings" Promo........

4 x Aussie hair products on sale $2.50=$10.00
4 x Herbal Essence shampoo on sale $3.00 ea=$12.00
1 x Finish dishwasher tabs on sale=$4.99
2 x Centrum Vitamints on sale $6.99=$13.98
1 x Post Great Grains cereal on sale=$1.99
1 x GE light bulbs on sale=$7.99
1 x RA shopping bag 20% wellness disc.=.80

2 x $2/2 Aussie hair products ManuQ=$4.00
2 x BOGO Herbal Essence ManuQ=$6.00
1 x $2/1 Finish dishwasher ManuQ=$2.00
2 x $4/1 Centrum Vitamints ManuQ=$8.00
1 x .75/1 Post Great Grains IPQ =.75¢
1 x $2/1 GE light bulbs IPQ=$2.00
1 x RA shopping bag In-Ad Q=$1.00
Coupon Total......$23.75

$51.75-$23.75=$28.00 + $1.14 tax=$29.14

I used $29.14 in Plenti Points and earned $27.99 new Plenti Points so not exactly free as I "lost" $1.15 due mostly to the tax.
But a pretty good day for someone who's very out of practice at playing the Drugstore Game.

I forgot about two Saving Star Offers I had--$1 back on Centrum Vitamins/Vitamints and $1 back on an Advil Purchase, so I got $2 off the OOP for these trips.

Now Transaction #1 is a $3.94 moneymaker and Transaction #2 cost me .15¢ in Plenti Points.

I just love me some rebate deals! 8-)))



  1. I love the great Advil stock up you were able to get!


  2. "out of practice"? Well, sharpen up and save that change you had to pay. You know, people would pay you to lead them on shopping trips! I love shopping bags. Great trip!

  3. What can I say? You are still amazing!

  4. I don't want to put any pressure on you but you but you don't have a lot of Rite-Aid time left. So get a move on and run a deal at least, once a day.
    Oh and good job!!!!

    1. Hell, still no word when Wags is taking them over here. I hope they wait now until the first of the year so I can get some free/cheap Black Friday Deals in before they go.


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