Saturday, September 17, 2016

Decluttering Porn.....Cleaning the Shed

Sorry for being MIA on Friday.  I was out running errands for over 4 hours.
I usually like to spread them out a bit more but the day was lovely and I figured I'd get them finished in one fell swoop.  Here is my Friday post a bit late--

We've gotten a lot done this month so far at Chez Sluggy.

Years ago we started with 3 major decluttering areas in our home--the garage, the basement and the shed.
The garage got tackled years ago(though it does need a redo every couple of years but the major chore was done long ago)and we took on the basement earlier this year.
The last major chore has been on my hit list for years now! and I finally guilted/nagged Hubs into getting on it......Cleaning Out the Shed!!!

Here is a shot of the disaster I call this shed after Hubs had removed quite a bit of already--a wheel barrow, 2 large garbage cans(that hold kindling and firewood), 2 camp chairs, a lawnmower and tarps, many MANY tarps, as well as a few metal poles that had various pool cleaning attachments strapped to them.

Now remember that earlier in the Summer, before Daughter and the BF came to live with us, I had entered this shed from hell and removed a few big items I could disentangle from the mass of garbage contained within--2 bikes, as well as a few bicycle helmets and other "destined for the trash" items.

So after a few hours of work on both our parts, here is the pile of garbage we removed......

 Lots and lots of large white pool chemical buckets(most were empty), those metal poles, a pool cover, various pool pump parts you can't really see in this shot, as well as a pile of old empty cardboard boxes in various stages of decay/rot.
The pool chemicals that were left were handed off to the next door neighbor who still has a pool.

Here is a shot of the first load of garbage ready to take to the street for pick-up on the next Tuesday when our garbage disposal company guys make their appearance.
We have since disposed of two more large loads on subsequent Tuesdays.

Shots of items that were Salvation Army worthy........

Sports balls, camping equipment(we hadn't been "real" camping since College Boy was 4), a tent, and a plastic bin.

Four baseball bats.  We counted 8 bike helmets(all different sizes)and 4 broken plastic snowboards too which went into the trash.

This awesome wooden red wagon was also uncovered in the very back.  It hasn't seen the light of day since we moved here 16 years ago,  I didn't even know we had that. lolz

Hubs went back in this morning to clean out the shelves on the left side of the shed.  He came out with two more items to donate to Sallie's.......

 A Coleman lantern...

And a self-contained camp stove kitchen kit.

And here is the somewhat emptied and majorly decluttered result.......

I am so happy to be able to check this off our list!



  1. Better to do it now than right before you choose to move away. Isn't it surprising how much garbage you keep over the years for no apparent reason?

  2. Wow now when you are angry Hub's can live in this....

  3. Pretty sure you could sell the Coleman lantern & stove on Ebay for a good chunk - those seem to sell well. Just depends on if you want the hassle. Isn't it freeing to get rid of crap??!! I always think, "What the hell did I ever do with so much stuff??!!"

  4. Good for you guys! Since we don't have basements and sheds aren't allowed (HOA), the garage gets most of the overflow. I've been working on mine too. I can keep one car in so it's not too bad if I do say so. I had a neighbor who had her garage so immaculate I swear you could eat off the floor.

  5. Cleaning out under sinks yielded nearly two bags. So much better.

  6. Awesome job! You may* want to consider selling the Coleman stuff (gets big bucks around here) and the wagon (also a money maker)-just suggesting.

  7. Giving away all the baseball bats and the lantern? Aargh, wish I were at Sallies. That wagon is a good thing to have to move things around the yard. Ask me how I know. I know it feels good to get the area more usable.

  8. Good job. Looks great!

  9. I could use another set of hands to tackle my laundry room. Y'all want to come to Birmingham?

    1. You could stop here coming or going to Birmingham?

  10. I love to de-clutter.
    Happy Danshari Day!

  11. Great job cleaning out the shed. Look at all the stuff you don't need now that the pool is gone! Woo! Before you donate that camping stuff to SA, you may want to think about listing it on a FB selling site to get some cash for Christmas. Or maybe you might know of a local scouting troop that could use it. I hope you're keeping the red wagon.

  12. Oh wow, it looks terrific! It's such a good feeling to tackle a project like that and then just sit back and admire how good it looks. Way to go :)

  13. Wow - we had that same red wagon as a kid from Sears....I wish I lived close to you - I would have paid you for that wagon - lots of happy memories with my siblings using that wagon!

  14. It seems as if the dejunking never ends!!! It looks great. Under our house needs to be dejunked-BAD. Do you want to do that?

  15. I recently saw a table planter made from an old wagon just like that it was gorgeous and selling for $180


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