Friday, September 23, 2016

Gary Makes the MainStream Media

If you missed it last Sunday, 3rd party Candidate Gary Johnson and VP running mate Bill Weld were interviewed on CBS's 60 Minutes Show.

Since they are the only 3rd party candidates on all 50 state ballots come November, if you are fed up with the two substandard Dem and Rep candidates you might want to take a look at this alternative choice.
Both Johnson and Weld were 2 term Governors(Johnson in NM, Weld in MA).  I think it makes sense to elect leaders who have actually run something well(besides campaigns and foundations that funnel money into campaign war chests).


It would be refreshing to have a POTUS who tells the truth and a ticket that wants to unite us and get something done for a change.

The two party system has run it's course.  It's time for a change if our country is going to survive, grow stronger and heal.

Not to sound like a commercial here but just trying to get the message out that there are FOUR candidates running, not two.  More choice equal better results and all.

I would suggest every voter, who wants to be well informed go to this site.....

On The Issues

On the Issues gives you all 4 presidential candidates's stances on the major issues plus the stances of their VP running mates.
Instead of making up your mind by listening to the media(which doesn't talk about the ISSUES but focuses on the sensational)find out which candidates align with your principles.

And make sure you are registered in time to vote.  Contact your local governement and get 'er done!



  1. So you really want a president who will unite and get things done? How novel! (where is the sarcasm font?) I know that voting for the two lesser known candidates would be voting my conscience and all that; however, I do feel committed to voting for the lesser of two evils.

  2. You would never know that there are 4 candidates. The media is a huge problem with a lot of the crap that is going on.

  3. Thank you. My family can't bare the thought of either choice the media is talking about. I need to vote my conscience, and neither one is it. Cheryl

  4. Gary Johnson was interviewed on MSNBC by 'Morning Joe' and asked what he would do, as president, about Aleppo. Johnson's response: what is aleppo??
    'Nuf said.

    Jill Stein had a warrant issued and was arrested the other day for a protest she was involved in.

    WikiLeaks just revealed that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will appoint Huma Amedin (wife of texting porn star Anthony Weiner), a radical, life long Muslim with a family history of the same, as Secretary Of State. Is that what Americans want? A muslim Secy of State?

    Did you also know that Obama recently appointed a muslim to be a federal judge?

    If this is what and whom you want to be the most powerful person on the planet, then by all means, y'all know what to do.

    Vote for Trump.

  5. Having spent a significant amount of my career in shadows of politics, I am as jaded as they come. One thing I can totally get behind is being informed, asking tough questions before and after elections, and not ending making yourself heard after you vote.

  6. I know I am throwing my vote away this time because I cannot vote for either of the major party candidates. I will vote so I can gripe though.

  7. I agree with Linda. With the polling numbers running so close, my vote is needed to keep the bigger of the two evils out of office.

  8. Go ahead and elect Trump by voting for a marginal third party candidate.

  9. The budding parties would do good to start local and show their worth and mettle. I want to see 3rd party politicians do well as mayors and governors etc. to show they can do well as president.


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