Friday, August 15, 2014

More Mish-Mosh

One day until college blast-off here!

Running more errands today(not college related though)--

*  Up to Rite-Aid to get $2 back for Command hook coupons I forgot to use last week.  I am loving this "coupons post-sale" refund thing they have.  8-))
Last week's Rite-Aid $15.03 OOP turned into $11.53 OOP after post couponing back $3.50 for Compleats and Command hooks.

*  Then we hit Price Chopper for cheap lunchmeat(applewood smoked turkey breast!), salmon fillets, a watermelon and G2 Gatorades.

*  To Lowe's for new range hood vent screens and new reflector pans.  We used a gift card so no OOP for that.

*  After errands we had lunch at Bob Evans and used the last of an old gift card so the meal was cheaper than it would have been.

*  Burned some sensitive old papers inside of shredding them.

Tonight I'll make Chicken Parmesan for #2 Son's last meal. 

Oh, I forgot to mention on the money post yesterday that I got out of paying 2 medical bills last week.
Hubs has been paying on the medical bills as the FSA account gets funded from his paycheck.  He got behind and really doesn't like doing this sort of stuff, so I took it over last week and set about getting caught up.
I saw that the DME company billed us for 2 services, for a full month of service even though those 2 were discontinued before the month was over(back in March), and the company never sent a corrected bill to the insurance company so insurance was still billing us for the full amounts.  I called and spoke to someone about having these pro-rated so we could pay the correct amounts.  After the insurance and DME company went back and forth it was decided by the DME co. to just take those 2 charges off our account and not pro-rate the bills.  I guess it was easier to just write it off or whatever....the bottom line is they aren't due anymore and the DME will be returning the full payment to the insurance company and we don't owe it.  It comes to about $200 so I am not complaining.
It's nice to actually come out ahead for once. lolz

And is it really cold anywhere else out there?!?!
It was all of 67F here the middle of August!?!
It hit almost 40F last night and we had to put the comforter on the bed. Brrrrr
Most Summers I am nekkid in bed and throwing the sheet off of myself during the night.....I know that was TMI, wasn't it? hehehe

We have had about a 1 week stretch in late June of hot weather(over 84 degrees)here.
It has been such a mild Summer.  And even stranger there has been 0% humidity here!
So weird.
But it's NOT that I'm complaining much since I am not a big fan of real hot & muggy temps.

I can't wait to see what kind of weather September brings.....

Ok, off to pay some bills and then start dinner.




  1. It was 78 F here one day this week, 55 last night. But, today it was about 90 F today. It really felt nice because the humidity was very low, so it was a "dry heat," very comfortable. Tonight it should be 57 F and 92 F tomorrow. It's been downright cold for the last three nights.

    I cannot sleep naked and must have a sheet over me. I feel more secure, plus if air gets on my skin it wakes me. I know how to get naked if the occasion for nakedness arises.

    That was a good deal on the medical bill. I suppose you are better at these things than he is, or at least more comfortable.

    1. Hubs just doesn't like bookkeeping at all! I got tired of worrying over it so took it back. He probably did that to wait me out and knew I'd take charge of it..... I am an idiot.

  2. I do love coming out ahead, though it seldom happens!

    "Last supper"...c'mon mom, he's not being crucified! HAHAHAHA I was with a freshman last night, and he's so excited about moving into the dorm! Away from the family!!!

    The weather here has been grand. I even went and weedwhacked the yard today, and only soaked through the t-shirt - jeans were only damp! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

    1. August in VA and you didn't soak thru every stitch of clothing? Ain't possible my good man!

  3. I seem to be reading a lot about nakedness and condoms and such these days lol! Makes me think back to the good ol' days...and then came menopause.

    1. No condom talk here but a lot more

  4. Jane is funny!!!!!!
    You are FREE!!!!!! Yay you, yay me!
    And it is flipping cold here. It has been a miserable summer, no scratch that-it never got warm enough to be summer. THIS BLOWS!

  5. I just discovered your blog this morning via Practical Parsimony. I love your humor and style of writing. I've read several post and definitely will be subscribing. I would love to learn more about getting ready to send children off to college.Any way that I can save money and prepare for our first child to leave for college would be great. Nice to 'me' you!

    I use to have a blog that I really enjoyed writing but long story short, I'm just getting started on a somewhat new blog at Mommiesandbeyond Too on blogspot. Saving money hy not paying to blog on a new blog without a blogging income coming in at this point. Either way I'd love for you to visit and connect!

  6. As far as summer is concerned, I'm definitely ready to be over it as we have relocated backbto Florida where I wss raised. I'm feeling pretty miserable with the heat and humidity.

    1. Our Summer in PA has been very weird. About 1 week of humidity and heat back in June but since then, nothing!
      NOT that I am complaining mind

  7. So how did it go? Spill woman, spill!

    1. I'll take about it Tuesday on the blog. Everything went off without a hitch and the boy is happy as a pig in shit at school. 8-)


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