Friday, August 8, 2014

Enough Towels to Choke a Horse

Ok, so don't ask me what this expression means.
I guess it means a whole lot of towels. lolz

I was alerted to a great deal on bath towels at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago, through a deal blog I subscribe to.

Nice 100% Cotton bath sheet sized towels, regularly $9.99 each, after numerous discounts and a clearance price, they were $2.20 each, including shipping.

I got $160+ worth of towels for $35.27 OOP.

Yes, I know 16 towels is a lot......but in order to get ALL the discounts you had to spend that much/get that many.

I wanted the lavender colored towels but they sold out as I was ordering.....dang it!

In the end I bought 8 sandstone(tan)towels and 8 dove grey(they look white to me!)towels.

I haven't bought towels since 2003 or so...about 10 years now.

I had picked up my most recent towels purchased at Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)on a large markdown but nothing matched.  Bright yellow, turquoise, purple, navy blue......the bottom line was more important than the colors/matching and I could live with that.  Even if they didn't "go" together colorwise, the quality was good.

Then my daughter started doing laundry.......and started dying her between those 2 events(using bleach in the colored laundry and getting hair dye on some)my supply of towels are pretty sad looking these days.
Ask Tania/Tanner.....she's seen them! lolz

I didn't want to replace things like this until all the children were grown and out of the house, so they might actually have a fighting chance to stay nice.
You parents out there know what I mean, right?  ;-)

As my daughter left home last year, and has just set up housekeeping in her new home in Louisiana I may see if she wants some of the nicer of the old towels and I can bring them down on my next trip South.
Hubs will take some for rags for his workbench out in the garage.

I wish this sale had come up BEFORE I went and bought #2 Son a supply of towels(at Ollie's on sale)for college.  I didn't want to send him with our towels as I didn't have anything to replace them with at that time, but now it's too late to return the ones I bought for him(past 30 days).  His aren't high quality ones...after all, he's an 18 yr. old male and they will all be gray within 2 months time-either from overuse and no washing or from washing them with all his black clothes, so I didn't spend much to get "nice" towels. lolz

Tan and white are neutral tones and classics that I can make work in most any bathroom color scheme no matter where we move to and what the color scheme is in the bathrooms there.

I figure you can never have too many towels as long as they all fit into your linen closet, right?  8-)



  1. I love getting new towels, but I have to be careful because they can take over. I have a minimum amount of room for them, so I try and keep only what I need and use the old ones for rags. I stick to white (like the hotels do) because I can bleach them and they always look pretty nice. It's hard to find good towels at low prices, but it sounds like you got a really great deal! I think I got all mine at Sam's Club back in W-B. I'm no longer a member and I really miss their rotisserie chicken.

  2. At first I've read that yo got 160 towels. 16 doesn't sound bad at all :) And looks like you got an awesome deal on them.

  3. That is a very good deal on towels. I get the $2.97 ones from WM when and if I buy towels. Often thrift stores and yard sales have new towels. I probably have at least 16 towels, and it is not too much in my opinion, especially at that price. If you have too many on the shelf, just stash the others until you need them.

    Tan or beige towels make me sad when I look at them. What is it with calling white by so many names? They all look white to me.

    I use only the old towels for hair dying. But, the next hair washing will still stain towels. ugh So, I ended up ruining some good towels. Now, I have a whole lots of hair color towels--the ones with pink stripes that are raggedy anyway!

    I have a towel I bought in 1969. Back then, Fieldcrest was expensive and not found at in chains like JC Penney. That brand was top of the line at exclusive dept stores. Now, I wonder if the quality is the same. As the years passed, my husband realized the exorbitant price was actually good quality and cost no more over the long run than a cheaper towel. Now, I buy

  4. Our towels are in need of replacement

  5. Our towels are looking pretty dreary, 10 years sounds about right. It is time to spring for some new ones here too I think.

  6. When I was a kid every time we went down to the states my mom bought towels and sheets. I dont remember where we went but I still have some from 1980's.

    The only place to get a great thick bath sheet is Costco. (That you wont pay $30 + for).
    What a steal you got Sluggy!,

    The S.P.C.A. will take old towels if a person wants to donate.

    Someday I will be a grownup and have lovely matching towels in every bathroom. Right now it is only one set for guests!,

  7. I can't remember when I last bought towels. So it's been a decade or more. None match anything, some are big, some smaller, some nice and fluffy (those are the ones I use) and some rather threadbare. I figure until they tear as you drag them across your back after a shower, they're good to go! Then they wash the truck and wipe down tools!

    I'm just a guy, ya know!

    Peace <3

  8. That is a great price for good towels. I found some good towels at Big Lots. But we don't have 16. (I would buy that many for the deal you got.)


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