Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Perfect Day for P*rn

Just when you thought it was safe to lurk here again, the P*RN is back!
The DeCluttering Porn, that is. hehehehe

And here we go!

1 x GI Joe Classic Dwight Eisenhower
1 x Barbie Princess Bride
1 x Atlanta 1996 Olympic Porcelain Plate
1 x black men's jeans(used)
1 x women's wallet(used)
1 x sewing pattern-medieval wench(used)
1 x classic movie monsters pen set
1 x Cherished Teddy in box
1 x Lego set(used)
2 x flat king sized sheets

1 x Star Wars Throw Pillow(used)
5 x Men's T-Shirts(used)
This lot courtesy of #1 Son cleaning out the closet in his old room a couple of weeks ago.

 7 x Micro Machines Star Wars Playsets

1 x Metal Water bottle
1 x 1996 Rep. National Convention Pin Set
7 x Matchbox Miniature Comm. Trucks/Cars in boxes
2 x AirWick Fragrance Holders
1 x Gameboy Case(used)
6 x Disney Millenium Pins
2 x Matchbox cars(used)
1 x Key Holder/Lanyard(used)
1 x Silver Winne the Pooh Charm

Looks like a nice pile of stuff leaving here, huh?
Well, it would be, except that it's tiny compared to all the crap that Daughter brought back from college.
Remember this?....
Imagine that red cart filled TWICE full of crap.
And now imagine that HALF of what was hauled home actually made it into Daughter's room.
Yes, a full cart of that crap landed in my garage........

And it sure takes up more room that what I got rid of.

I already feel another load of decluttering forming, at least in my brain.....

I just realized that this is my first bit of decluttering since February and Carla's Decluttering Challenge Month.
I've gone almost 3 MONTHS since I decluttered last!

So how about you?
Have you gotten your DeCluttering Porn on yet this year?
Now that the good weather is here, it's time to fling open those garage/basement/closet doors and wage the battle with your Clutter Demons again.
Who knows?  Maybe this year is the year you WIN that Battle!!

If you've got some spare time this long weekend, pick an area in your home to declutter.
Just give yourself 15 minutes and see what you can find that needs to leave your house.
What could you live without?
What is laying around that adds nothing to your life anymore?
What is no longer useful?
What is no longer adding joy or beauty to your life?

Go ahead and donate, recycle or throw it OUT!
Make it a blessing in someone else's life if it no longer is one in yours.



  1. Good post! And you know what?! I have done much either in the decluttering area... think I need to step it up again!!

  2. I was kind of slacking on decluttering in the past couple of months but I'm back. So far I got rid of 60 things/bags of stuff this month.I'm proud of myself here :)

  3. I had someone take books off one of my seven bookcases. I boxed all I wanted for an anticipated change in my life. I gave him the 20 books I did not need--baby, child-rearing, baby name, and other books.

    Then, he came and finished up 3 other bookcases I had started and could not bend for the bottom shelves. He acquired another 15 books. I cleared 2 shelves by myself. That leaves 1 bookshelf to be cleared and purged of unwanted books.

    Two or three years ago, I released 10 books each day for 80 days into the universe. The local church thrift store that I donated to caused me to go into a mild, temporary shock when I viewed "my" books, lining their shelves, all 790 books. I had sold ten of 800 books.

    I am boxing possessions of my children to mail later or to give them when they visit.

    This week,I sold a round, metal, collapsible yard table and have another to sell. When I start having parties again, I will buy more used ones.

    There are about 50 chairs in a corner of my HUGE basement, stacked for a chair I can mend/fix them all, but I released two to the side of the road, where I am sure someone else retrieved them. Another 3 of the fifty are outdoors, ready for me to work my magic. The chairs are not at all in my way or hindering passage. The reality is, I will never be capable of doing what I had planned and was capable of at the time I was given them...all in one huge lot and transported to me!

    Life changes.

  4. I havent thrown much out either....I think its time for another challenge


  5. We have a lot to throw out, give away, and generally organize, but the mister kicked things off by listing a turntable last night for sale and someone bought it overnight for $400. Shazam!

  6. When I first glanced at your post title I thought it said "a good day for a perm"! lol!
    P.S. I'm headed for the basement right NOW!

  7. We don't have much clutter, though Hubby has a lot of stuff. LOL! Hubby did go through a bookcase this week and has 2 large bags of books to take to the local used book store to turn in for store credit.

  8. Carla--Get your health better first! Decluttering is dusty work and I don't want your asthma to get worse.

    Lena--Good for you! 60 items is awesome!!

    Practical P-Life does change, doesn't it? That's why I am sending stuff out into the universe that I can't get to. It's better off with someone who CAN put it to use now than squirreled away here where it just, well, gets squirreled

  9. Judy--Feel free to challenge.... lol

    444--Now THAT's the kind of decluttering that is the best....the kind that puts $ IN your pocket! Mr. 444 rocks...

    Jane--lol It's a good day for a perm as well here. Nice and lovely high humidity and all.
    Have fun in the basement!! ;-)

    Frances--Yes, MY stuff is stuff, Hubs is clutter. There is a fine distinction
    Store credit works for me!

  10. I have a bag of clothes that I've taken out for donations. I should purge a few more. I also need to purge some misc items I just don't have the space for.

  11. I want to set fire to DJ's closet! Why is it that Anna came home but it's his closet that is pissing me off? She filled the bin once. I was lucky because she came home from school about 3 weeks before it ended and brought a car load of stuff. I didn't even have to go to EIU to get her and her crap. She managed to get the rest in her car on the last day. I was a bit worried that she was going to call and say, "UhhOhh, please drop everything and drive 4+ hours cuz I can't get it in my car." But I didn't. She is a good packer like her mom.


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