Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why O Why O Why O.....

In a few weeks here,  the Hubs & I will be taking a short jaunt to Ohio.
Since we'll be dropping off #2 Son at camp on the western edge of PA, we'll take the opportunity to spend some time alone with each other out that way.  We figure we'll cross over into Ohio and see what there is to see and do there.
So if anyone knows of any thing to "see and/or do" while in eastern Ohio--meaning from Columbus and on over to the right of there in the state--please leave a comment with some suggestions.
And no, we don't do amusement parks and we aren't going up to Cleveland, but anything else we would love to hear some ideas!  ;-)



  1. Well, Columbus has lots of nifty dinning opportunities, museums( COSI), there are Indian Mounds ( Serpent Mound), lots of hiking trails and parks, caves galore, there are pottery and glass companies on every corner... not sure if you will be as far in as Clifton Mill area near dayton but there is a prehistoric bog there and an old fashion mill and you can actually see the point where hte great glacier stopped... lots of arrow head collecting... Yellow Springs is quaint and Youngs Jersey sells the best homemade ice cream EVER... further to columbus is Wapokeneta home of Neil Armstrong and the space museum... not to be out done is the Air Force Museum in Fairborn. The canals are very interesting and you can take a ride down one just like they use to..hope this helps a bit

  2. Lea--Thanks! This does help.
    Off to go look up stuff.....

  3. Wow, if you do everything Lea says, you will be home around July. Ohio is outside my stomping grounds, so I can't help, but have a fun time!

  4. Ohio... Ohio...

    I got nothin.

  5. Driving from Memphis, TN to Rochester, NY, we always made a wrong turn and ended up in Youngstown, OH. We had an ice cream cone the first year. From then on, every year we tried to NOT go to Youngstown, OH, but we did and just resigned ourself to an icecream cone. You could eat ice cream cones

  6. My only thought though is that it's too far west. (Dayton is an hr. west of Columbus) But if that's not a problem then I agree with Young's Jersey having the best ice cream ever and you can walk around the petting zoo, too. And if you have time play a round of mini golf. Cedar Bog is amazing, too. Wright Pat AFB museum does have a pretty cool selection of WWI and WWII war planes and the IMAX usually plays something interesting.

    Further west, in Newark there's the Longaburger basket company (it's building is shaped like a basket, you can't miss it.)

    If you go south you have to stop at Trader's World (flea market of sorts). Just be prepared to walk as it's over 10 buildings and lots of goodies.

  7. Sounds like you're setting up for quite a fun time. Sorry, but I have nothing on that state.

  8. Awe shucks... I don't know why I do that but Newark is EAST of Columbus not west! This is why I don't hold the map on car trips.

  9. Practial P--No, I've been to Youngstown. Don't need to go there again....even for ice cream. lol

    Beth F.-lol...You sound like my Hubs. He gets lost in the mall.
    East of Columbus is good for us. I actually found Newark on the map....yay!
    And I've gotten an ear full about Longaberger, as I have an online friend who is a NUT for those baskets. Me?...I don't see the appeal of the basket culture.
    Thanks for the ideas!


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