Thursday, May 3, 2012

Music for a Thursday

Ok, so the title is lame.
I got nothing worth saying today.
So here's an awesome song from an awesome singer.
From back when singers used their instrument instead of electronics and other crap to make them sound better than they are.

And here's another excellent version.  I am torn by which version I like best.  What do you think?



  1. I think it's wonderful song, but I dislike Tennessee Ernie Ford's singing.

    I prefer this version by The Statler Brothers.

    Or even this one by Michael Landon.

  2. I love the song. Tennessee Ernie Ford's voice makes it for me. I love his voice, always did. I did not care for the second version. The Statler Brothers' version actually is the one I have heard most and really love it. I did not like Michael Landon's at all.

    All along I have known I was old, but this clinches it. I never thought TEF was appealing. Now, I do! aaaargh, I really really really am old. That and the cataracts I am growing tell me oooold! Thanks, world!

  3. I love the second version. The harmonization and mix of voices gives me chills in some parts. :-)


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