Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugaled Out, The Weekend Plans & Songs for a Friday

Like I was just commenting to SonyaAnn over on her blog today, I think I've lost my Frugal Gene.
Ok, maybe just hidden it away somewhere.
I haven't hunted a deal in ages really.
As for hitting up lots of different grocery stores for deals?.....hasn't happened in months and months.
The deals just aren't good enough to get me to drive all over the place.  It just seems a big waste of my time and gas, what with the current prices of that! ugh

I stay in town except on rare occasion and buy at Weis PMITA Market or the ShurSave affiliate independent market.
And if I use a coupon it's a fluke.
And no Rite-Aid still.  The last trip to Rite-Aid was in MARCH.....almost 2 full months ago!
I know some of you are whoozy at that news and need to sit

But I still don't need any more toiletries.  We are still going strong on my big big stash of those.  So there is no point buying more, even if it's practically free, right? ;-)

I've got some +Ups sent from corporate(for ones that didn't print)I have to use by the end of June so I know I'll be heading back there next month.  But other than that, I'll be laying off of Rite-Aid until the Fall.

I've still got a huge Toiletries stockpile.
I've still got a huge toilet paper stockpile.
I've still got a huge laundry detergent stockpile.
I've still got a decent household cleaners(including hand washing dishes soap/dishwasher soap)stockpile.

As for the food stockpile it's getting leaner and meaner every day.
Lots of pasta, tomato products, peanut butter, spices, canned fruit, hot cocoa, coffee, oatmeal, canned soup, rice, ketchup, mustard, dry soup mix and olive oil.
Using up stuff I no longer stockpile like salad dressing, barbecue sauce, cold cereal, jelly, etc.
I'm going out in the garage this weekend and reorganizing it all.

You are all thinking I am crazy to want to spend a Holiday working in my garage, but since it's suppose to be in the mid to high 80's here, the garage will be the coolest place to be in my house! lol
Plus the kids won't want to be anywhere near the garage working so I'll have some peace and quiet too.
A win/win situation if ever there was one.

If Hubs gets the pool ready I'll probably spend some time in that too, pretending it's not too cold still to swim in it.
No other plans really.
Just sit around and relax, do a few things around the house and drink a few adult beverages this weekend.

I hope you do something you want this weekend too.
I'll leave you with this musical interlude.

Here's a band I used to like a lot in the past.  They started out in Ohio but early on in their musical development they spend a good deal of time in my old stomping grounds in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, which includes the southside metro area of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Va. Beach and Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown and Williamsburg on the peninsula side.

The band is Blessid Union of Souls, or Blessid Union as they refer to themselves now.  They gained popularity in the 1990's and had a Top Whatever Hit you might recognize which is the 2nd clip below.

The first clip is my favorite song of theirs called "Oh Virginia".  It's a homage to their time there. 
If you google it you can find a music video they did for it but it's fairly lame.  I think their record label at that time put about $8.57 into the production budget for it. ;-)
So I am featuring a live rendition they performed at a gig in Tennessee instead.

There is a longish harmonica solo which isn't part of the song, but the guy is very good.  The mouth organ gives the tune a very 1990's flavor so much so that you expect Blues Traveler's John Popper to jump up from behind an amp.

The guitarist also does some crazy riffs and if I'm not mistaken I heard some Jimmy Page "Misty Mountain Hop" in there, which segued into the beginning of  the Kinks "You Really Got Me" intro.

Ok, so nobody knows WHAT I am talking about so I'll just shut up and bring on the tunes.
Crank it up, put your hands together and Enjoy!!!

And have a great weekend!

Oh Virginia

Hey Leonardo!



  1. I love the term "Frugaled Out". That is how I feel some days! Enjoy your weekend in the garage and hopefully the pool too!

  2. B-Kat--Feel free to use Thanks and I hope you get some down time this weekend.

  3. I so feel you. The last deal I did was the cottonelle deal at Wags last summer. When I found out I had cancer I was spending about 30+ hours a week researching and deal hunting. It was NUTS! I stopped deal hunting about 13 months ago because I was busy dealing with doctors and hoping I didn't die. Clearly I didn't YAY!

    I never stock piled food but my toiletries are starting to run thin. I *only* have 5 12 packs of cottonelle left. I've already decided that with school I don't have the time or energy to put into it anymore. I just opened my last pack of finish tabs and was contemplating looking for a deal but decided to go to Costco instead.

    Sometimes time is more important than deals.

  4. With all that toilet paper, I should visit you just to use your toilet!

  5. Sluggy, you just made e feel so much better. I have not felt like deal hunting in a while. I have not seen anuy great deals lately, so we just get what what we need with an occasional deal thrown in.

  6. What is going on with us? I haven't run deals in forever! We may need an intervention. What's next us not paying the electric bill?


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