Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Date Day.....

Hubs and I had a Date yesterday for lunch.  We had a nice quiet dining experience at our favorite Asian Restaurant without any teens and their texting appendage.
Seriously!....what is with these kids?  They can't turn off the cell phones long enough to eat or have a face to face conversation with you!
Ok, I won't go off on that particular rant

A nice frugal(lunch prices not dinner prices!lol), tasty meal and we talked over "stuff".  Stuff would be, where we are with the financial aid letters for Daughter, #1 son's current stressors at school, #2 son's Marching Band trip to Florida, Graduation festivities coming up for Daughter, when #1 son is done with this semester, the assorted days that assorted teens need to be hauled to or picked up from summer camp(2 are working there, 1 is attending training sessions), etc. etc. etc.  We want to squeeze in a little vacation time into the summer(probably alone or with just #2 son tagging along)but it looks like it will be tricky to accomplish this year.  I so hate to take kids out of school for vacation but we might just have to this year.
And we still have to work in the garden stuff, marching band camp and home projects while the weather is warm.  At this point, it's a bit overwhelming to think about it all and I just find I want to go back to bed and draw the covers over my head.

Anyway, after talking over things until I felt exhausted, we took a ride down to the other end of our teeny tiny town and hit the Rite-Aid.  Yes, Hubs knows the way to my

I got my Dixie plate and Motrin PM rainchecks while I was there.
I had a $20 Winter Reward to spend so I burned through that baby today as well.....

3 x 12-pack Pepsi products $6.99 after +Ups
4 x Johnson's Baby 'Poo raincheck made them .99¢
2 x Desitin Rash Cream raincheck made them .99¢
1 x Gain Dish Soap free after coupon w/.12¢ overage.
2 x Doritos chips $2 each after +Ups
4 x R-A facial tissue raincheck made them free.
1 x Folger's Instant Coffee $5.99 after Wellness discount.
1 x Salonpas Pain Patch $2 overage after coupon
2 x NoNonsense 3 pack Socks $1.24 each after coupons
5 x Revlon Nail Files$1.69 overage after +Ups

My pre-coupon SubTotal was $43.60.

I used $22 in Coupons.

I used my $20 Winter Reward & $1 +Up Reward and put the .60¢ on my Rite-Aid gift card(which now has $53.57 after the camera return and my OOP for Wednesday's transaction).
I received $8 in +Up Rewards back($4 for the Revlon tools, $3 on the Pepsi products, $1 wyb 2 Doritos).  I qualified for SCR #20(Revlon Tools) for $1 as well.

Number of Transactions.....1
Total Spent....$.60 (put on free Rite-Aid gift card)
Value of Items....$96.05
SCR qualified for...$1.00
Other Rebates earned...$0.00
Gift Cards earned....$00.00
+Up Rewards earned...$8.00
+Up Rewards spent....$21.00
+Up Rewards left to spend.....$101.76

TOTALS--March Rebate Period

Number of Transactions......9
Total Spent....$3.01 put on free Gift Cards/Certificates so ZERO OOP
Value of Items purchased....$470.59
SCR qualified for....$45.00
Other Cash....$0.00

Additional Rebates....$0.00
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0.00

+UPS Totals for March SCR period
+Up Rewards carryover from 3/16.....$114.76

+Up Rewards spent....$194.00
+Up Rewards earned....$46.76
+Up Rewards left....$101.76  includes ALL +Ups not just ones from this SCR period

I can't believe that this is the last week for March sales at Rite-Aid!  The AdPerk/VV coupons expire March 26th and the last day for March SCRs is March 29th so be sure to buy what you need by the 29th and watch those videos and use those coupons expiring in March by Saturday the 26th!



  1. I went out to eat with my family and one extra this weekend too. A movie out and then Chinese food. YUM! Some interesting convo there too.
    I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

  2. I left another comment but it seems that blogger doesn't like me today.
    Kids will make you nuts. I shipped Anna off yesterday! Happy dance.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful lunch and post-lunch date :) Your hubs is a smart man!

  4. Dates will be more fun when all your kids have moved out. LOL!


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