Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The "Joys" of Parenthood.....or Not So Much

I just read an article about a study that was done on "Raising Children". 
Basically they have concluded that parents who think that the pros outweigh the cons of having kids and raising them to adulthood are delusional.
Yep, people with kids are delusional.
You can read the article HERE.

Frankly I can see where they are coming from.

I do know that if kids started out as teenagers, the world's population would be much less than it is now and alot more families would only have 1 kid! ;-)

What's your feeling on this issue?



  1. I feel that I too am an expert in this area. And since my dear, dear daughter is home this week, I feel I should add to this conversation.
    THEY ARE NUTS! And this is what I said to her today! To which she added that I just don't understand. So I said please school me in crazy.
    I'm sick of her ass already.
    Now who is ready for a drink?

  2. If I had had my third one first, I would have hated the first one for all the screaming and crying he did. The second year he was running from me and tearing up things. The third year, he had a really smart mouth and seemed incorrigible. Yes, I might have given him back soon after birth. The second one was a girl and sweet, but afraid of the world. I was the only person she would not cry around for the first three years. The third was an angel baby--no crying, screaming, running away, loved the world. Oh, she would eat anything.

    I loved them all but somedays....

    Giving birth to and rearing children is not conducive to a woman's physical or mental good health.

    For years, I just wanted a nap! If I drank, I would have wanted one.

  3. OMG, timely post...both my boys disappointed me today :( IT was NOT a joyful day...but hey, IT happens. Ups and downs. I absolutely adore them and can't imagine life any other way...especially when I'm wiping hand prints off the fridge & windows, slamming down toilet seats or picking up the billionth lego...

  4. SonyaAnn--I'll see your drink and raise you

    Practical--I believe the person who said having grandkids ALMOST makes up for having the kids first.....but I'm still waiting to find out if that is
    If my Daughter had been 1st in birth order, she would def. be an only child. She was the screaming colic baby champion along with a heart murmur. If the screaming fights didn't kill her nothing

  5. Sheila--Oh, just wait.....the teen years get even better.LOL Invest in some heavy duty door hinges'll thank me later. ;-)

  6. So you're basically saying that if we didn't start out with adorably cute, helpless little babies, we probably wouldn't bother propagating at all?

    totally with you there! LOL!


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