Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are Your Eyes Smiling Today?.....

Well mine are!

Yes, I am one of like a bazillion people on this Planet who can claim Irish ancestry.  In fact, my paternal grandfather did a pretty intense Family Genealogy over the course of many years back in the 60's. 
He gave me a copy of it when I was 15.  That was a fairly stupid thing to do, because what 15 yr. old really cares about family history....seriously!  And what 15 yr. old has the wear-with-all to hang onto something like that(what with moving around and other upheavals in their life until they are a stable adult of 30)until they are old enough to want/appreciate it.  
Man, I sure wish I had that research now. 
Granddad even made the connection that "we" are descended from the Great Brian Boru!  Of course half of the people with Irish ancestry(and for real, anyone with the surname of O'Brian or O'Brien in their families' past)can claim him as an ancestor.

So get out your green "fill in the item" today and wear it.  Since my eyes are green(goes with the red hair I use to have when I was a kid)I'll be foregoing any other green clothing or jewelry today.

In honor of the day, I am posting one of Denis Leary's recipes from his book entitled, "Why We Suck".  If you have read/heard the man, you are well aware of Mr. Leary's thoughts on Irish doesn't exist. 
Growing up Irish American Catholic in Massachusetts along with 3 siblings and 17 cousins nearby, there wasn't much if any 'eating out' when he was a kid back in the 60's....his mom cooked most anything he ever put in his mouth until he left home.  Denis says his mom Nora, was a pretty typical Irish cook(having immigrated from Killarney, Ireland).  In honor of all things Irish, here is traditional Irish recipe he says his mom cooked for them.....

Cabbage Potato Chuck Roast

14 sticks of butter
Pinch of salt
Seven Hundred Potatoes
2 Pounds Chuck Roast Beef

Place Chuck Roast, Potatoes and Cabbage into a very large pot of already boiling water.  Boil for 5 hours.  Turn heat down to a simmer.  Drop in 14 sticks of Butter and pinch of Salt.  Let boil for one more hour.  Then another 15 minutes.  Then a couple more minutes.  Make sure all germs and taste have been boiled out.

Éirinn go brách!

o' Sluggy


  1. and a toast to me, you, Mr. Leary and all the rest of us Irish folk.


  2. Last week, I found out I am Irish, through and through. It is a shock. Here we all thought we were of German and Native American descent. I don't like green, so I will never wear it, ever.Okay, I will wear lime green. That's it!

    Did your grandfather happen to give anyone else a copy of his research? Too bad it's gone.

  3. LisaPie--Well said....except I hate beer and I can't hold my liquor. I know, I know....I am a disappointment to my

    Practical--Finding out contrary to what you thought can be a shocker...I hope you were sitting down at I believe Grandfather gave a copy to my brothers and my mother. After mom died her copy got buried in oldest brothers' hoarded house and we never found either copy when we were digging out the house...I believe oldest brother threw his copy away years before since he wanted nothing to do with my father's side of the family. If the other brother has a copy I don't think we'll ever see that one either, since he is an even worse hoarder, but I could ask I suppose. ;-)


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