Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's the Plan....Meal Plan, that is....and Food Spending so Far in March

Here is what is on the menu this week at Chez Sluggy....

SUNDAY--Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots, Biscuits *Using a corned beef from the freezer so I can fit the 2 new CBs I got for $1.29lb. on Sat. into the freezer.
MONDAY--Chicken Parmesan/Chicken Tenders, Salad *Using old chicken cutlets from the freezer.  Salad fixings I bought on Sat.
TUESDAY--? *The only ones home for dinner this night are #2 son and I so we'll be creative with something here. 
WEDNESDAY--Lasagna, Spinach  *Using the ricotta I got awhile back and the lasagna noodles from the Dollar Store last week...spinach from freezer.
THURSDAY--Beef and Bean Enchiladas, Corn, Rice  *Using tortillas I got in Jan. and ground beef for $1.33lb. I got on Sat.
FRIDAY--Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli  *I cleaned out the fridge last weekend and found lots of odds and ends of cheese blocks I need to use up.  Mac and cheese is perfect for this!  Broccoli from the freezer.
SATURDAY--Leftovers  *Since Hubs was out of town the beginning of the week and Daughter wasn't home much for dinner, we'll have lots of leftovers.  Sunday may also become a leftover dinner night as well.

I spent $26.39 at Weis last Saturday on 2 rolls of biscuits, 2 marked down tubs of lunchmeat(.99¢), a gallon of milk, 2 marked down 50% bakery items(muffins and scones), a head of lettuce, a tub of marked down organic mixed greens, 3lb. of ground beef for $1.33lb. and 2 corned beef briskets for $1.29lb.  I wouldn't have gotten the bakery items and the biscuits except that you had to spend $25 to get the sale price on the corned beef briskets.  I saved 44% over reg. retail on the order.

Add this trip to the Dollar Store and Bakery Outlet trips earlier in the week and I spent a total of $51.80 on groceries last week.

We are at the halfway mark for March today and my total grocery spending is right at $89.63 for the month.
Not sure if I'll break out and spend a big hunk of grocery money in the next 2 weeks or not.  If I want to stock up on something I have $160 left this month to play with.

What is everyone else's grocery spending looking like so far this month?


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  1. I realize I'm posting here a week later than March 15th, but I happened to log some Target purchases into my tracker last night, and at the 21-day mark, I've spent about $130, which actually leaves $170 for the next week and two days. Wow! I doubt I'll splurge and spend it, although stocking up on a good meat sale is always a possibility if I stumble across one :)


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