Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Grocery Shopping Lately....Vacation & Beyond

So while down South I did pick up a few items to tote back home for the food stockpile.
First at Costco(since brother is a member and we don't have a Costco around here).........

4 lbs. of pecans
40 oz. of cashews(a treat for me!)
3 lbs. of minced garlic
Total was $46.90 OOP
If I had to buy these things around here at reg. retail I'd have had to spend $79.78 or thereabouts.

Then when picking up some stuff at Food Lion for the sister in-law I bought this to tote home......

4 cans of FL brand tomato soup on clearance for .48¢ each
2 cans of Generic tomato soup on clearance for .47¢ each
3 packages of country ham slices for $2.29 each *not pictured*
Total was $9.73

I usually pick-up Chuck Shaw wine for $3.29(or whatever it is priced at now)for cooking when down by a Trader Joe's but the Aldi near my brother's house had a Aldi brand wine, Winking Owl for $2.98 a bottle so I got 6 bottles of that.........

6 bottles Merlot and Cab Sav w/tax came to $18.38.

The only thing I bought for the food stockpile was a package of 4 blend peppercorns at $7.16 w/tax.

All totaled vacation food shopping for home that week came in at $82.17.

I've done a lot of food shopping this week too!

I hit Weis last Friday and these were the best deals I found.......

1 x Vero Gusto Barilla pasta sauce on sale=$4.99
2 x SeaPak breaded shrimp on sale=$10.98

I used 2 x .75¢/1 SeaPak IPQs that doubled so $3.00 off the shrimp making it $7.98 out the door.

There was a $6.00 Ibotta rebate on the pasta sauce and a .75¢ rebate on the shrimp(x2=$1.50)so I got $7.50 back.
Plus another $2.00 back from Checkout51 on the shrimp.

$12.97 spent on these 3 items and $9.50 back in cash rebates.

On Sunday I did a little shop at Walmart.  Here are a few things I had rebates on..............

8 x Chobani flips and Greek yogurts=$9.76
2 x Oikos yogurt drinks=$3.92
2 x Dial hand soap=$1.96
3 x Country Crock "plant butter"=$6.54
I earned back $10.63 at Ibotta for buying this stuff so $11.55 after rebates.
I also bought a tub of sour cream, 3 cans of whack biscuits, a big hunk of cheese, almond milk for Hubs and 4.07 lbs. of summer squash, spending $41.06 w/tax on this shop.

I hit the Bread Outlet on Monday with Hubs...........

3 loaves of bread
2 packs of English Muffins
2 packs of hamburger rolls
1 box of cinnamon rolls
1 box of cheese danish(for Ex-CB)
And we spent over $10 so got a free box of doughnuts too.
$11.89 OOP for everything here.

We also hit Ocean State Job Lot on Monday.....

I picked up the coffee Ex-College Boy likes using a $10.78 gift card which was free for buying $10.78 of select food items on a previous trip.
Coffee came to $11.97 so I paid $1.19 OOP for these 3 bags.

I also picked up 3 jars of honey on an Insider coupon deal there. $8.97 OOP for all.

And the "Free Food" table had more of those imported cranberry/muesli cookies I liked so I got 6 more tins(one is already opened lolz)and a bottle of honey/maple syrup blend Hubs wanted to try.
Total was $16.99 for all this and we got another Crazy Deals gift card.  I now have $87.99 in these gift cards.

I also picked up 3 boxes of cereal at Rite-Aid Monday........

These are $1.99 each this week.  I printed off 3 x $1/1 IPQ cereal from my Kellogg's Rewards Account, making each box .99¢ ($2.97)which I paid for with a free R-A gift card.  I earned back $2.10 at Ibotta and these items put me over a Bonus there for $5.00 so paid $2.97 on gift card and got back cash rebates of $7.10 total.
Sweet.  If Ex-CB doesn't eat this by the end of the year they'll go to the food bank as they are always begging for cold cereals.

Total spent this week so far on food is $80.10.
Total earned in cash rebates $17.73 and a $16.99 OSJL gift card.

A bit more shopping is slated for this week/month.....Aldi and Malacari's produce market and maybe the freebie at Weis on Friday.  ;-)

What food deals have you found lately?



  1. I don't make it a point to keep cold cereal for my consumption. But, I found Kelloggs red berries (strawberries) at Publix bogo. $3.99 later and I had two boxes. I eat too much when I have it, so I will not buy it often.

  2. Pecans are cheapest at Costco in Canada too, we pay $20 CAD (approx $15.25) for one of those packages (same size as yours). I just wish they stocked the candied fruit.

  3. You got some great deals. I need to get over to the bread outlet too. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Amazing deals. I love a good bargain hunt. People don't seem to realize there are still deals out there and just because there aren't as many good paper coupons that doesn't mean the deals can't be found. Just have to look in different ways sometimes. Wish we had a OSJL here! Take care.

  5. Costco cashews are THE BEST!!!

  6. Excellent buys. It is just about time for my local mailing center to have pecans. I think a family member has a pecan grove and he sells them cheaper than I can buy anywhere else and they are fantastic pecans


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