Monday, June 24, 2019

Hurry! Last Day to Enter the Giveaway

I usually do a "This Week on the Dining Table" post on Monday but I am still scrambling to get organized here after getting home last evening.

So instead, here's a reminder that the current June Giveaway ends TONIGHT at 11:59 pm EDST so today is the last day to enter.  Either go HERE or check out the link on my side bar for the Giveaway.

AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you entered already make sure you included your email addy in your comment if I don't already have your information(either you emailed it to me privately or your Google blogger profile has your email in it).
If I have no email for you, you can't win and your entry(ies) will be invalid. 8-(((

Ok, I am off to get Chester, check on the food situation here and run some errands.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. I could use some summer goodies. This is my one and only entry since it ends tomorrow. I am low on a lot of things you are giving away, which is very kind of you.

    I don't picture any summer vacation for me, but I've been off of work because of disability leave since the beginning of the year. I am starting to feel better and hope to return to work soon.

    Janie Junebug, a.k.a. Janie Goltz at

  2. You didn't take Chester with you. He will be crazy happy to see you.


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